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    All I have to say is wow, and that it’s really sad to see this kind of thing. These churches should be shut down immediately.

    And then Pat Robertson weighs in.

    The videos speak for themselves, it’s their own words on camera, and it’s scary we have this element in our society.


    I didn’t look at the first video because of the 30 second commercial so I skipped down to the Pat Robertson video.

    He said the left has a dilemma and said we should sit back and “let them kill themselves.” Obviously he was speaking about politically killing themselves. That would be obvious to any fair-minded person interested in the truth who watched the video.

    Something to keep in mind is that these pastors didn’t kill anybody. You’re angry at Republicans and Christians, but where is your anger for the terrorists–the guys who are the actual murderers?



    Ah, poor Christian victims.

    You enable bigotry and hatred and then cry when called out about it.

    Truly, you are a persecuted lot.


    The first two Pastors/videos are loons…not a good representative of Christianity…Robertson is being taken out of context/advantage of.

    >>You’re angry at Republicans and Christians, but where is your anger for the terrorists–the guys who are the actual murderers?
    Pretty amazing point…who’s doing the killing here? Even our own President is more animated about guns than the killers…sad…


    Information is still coming out about this guy.
    But it’seems to appear that more & more that this guy was a frustrated gay twisted by his archaic religious beliefs.

    Beliefs that are much closer to yours than you would care to admit.


    How many times do we hear the bible thumpers saying their fellow Christians are not representative of Christians?

    I say they ARE representative. There’s a lot of hate, maybe not as vocal as the two jackasses on the video who claim they are pastors, but a lot of hate from the religious right towards the gay community.


    Who’s doing the killing?

    I’ll bet the percentage of gun deaths associated with US citizens who claim to be Christian is over 90%. Muslims? Probably less than 1/10 of 1 percent.

    Chew on that.


    There are enormous differences between Islam and Christianity, especially in the way they relate to the state and to non believers.

    Excerpts from Endless Jihad: The Truth about Islam and Violence

    Though belief in the true God goes back to the dawn of mankind, Judaism in its traditional form was founded by Moses, who, if evaluated politically, could be considered a warlord, leading the tribes of Israel toward the Promised Land and the conquest that would follow. The Old Testament contains numerous commands to use violence to protect and promote the nation of Israel. This potential for violence is reigned in, though, by the fact that Judaism is a religion for just one ethnic group confined to one territory.

    Christianity, by contrast, is a universal religion, meant for all peoples in all countries. It has much greater breadth, and much lower intrinsic potential for violence. Its founder—Christ—was a martyr, who refused to fight to save his life. Though the New Testament acknowledges that the Old Testament revelation is from God, it does not contain new commands to use violence, as Christianity was not to be allied from its birth to a state in the way Judaism was.

    The fact that in Christianity church and state are distinct means that as a religion Christianity has less potential for violence since it is not called upon to use force in the way a state is. This, coupled with Jesus’ own example and his “love thy enemy” teachings (e.g., Matt. 5:44), gives Christianity less innate potential for violence.

    In contrast, Islam’s founder was a warlord who rose from nowhere and who by his death was the undisputed master of Arabia Peninsula. The holy book he produced is filled with commands to use violence in the service of its religion and nation. This potential for violence is similar to that possessed by Judaism except it is immensely augmented by the fact that Islam views itself, like Christianity, as a universal religion meant for all peoples in all countries. It also makes no distinction between church and state and is thus a political as well as religious ideology.


    All religion is stupid and based off fairy tales. One is not more correct than the other. Just different shades of mental illness.


    Never thought I’d say this…Bill Maher is spot on here…


    Good video (except for Charlie Rose’s continual and irritating interruptions). I appreciate Maher’s intellectual honesty.

    Andy Brown

    Really? So you agree with his statements that “all religions are stupid?”

    No, he is not spot on about much of what he says. His statements about “vast numbers of” <Christians><Muslims> are hearsay at best. You might want to believe some of his hyperbole is true, but it isn’t. He quotes a lot of shady facts to substantiate his opinion, but it is just opinion and you can’t possibly agree with all of it or you are a hypocrite.


    Bill Mahr is an atheist and mocks the concept of religion, but he’s correct that Islam is not a religion of peace and is much different than Christianity.

    Another response from a Christian leader:

    Orlando Bishop John G. Noonan urged people of faith “to turn their hearts and souls” to God and pray for the victims, the families and first responders following the worst mass shooting in U.S. history June 12.

    “A sword has pierced the heart of our city,” he said in a statement.

    “The healing power of Jesus goes beyond our physical wounds but touches every level of our humanity: physical, emotional, social, spiritual,” he said. “Jesus calls us to remain fervent in our protection of life and human dignity and to pray unceasingly for peace in our world.”


    The Dead Kennedys had a rebuttal ready 36 years in advance:

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