Christian Assault Rifle on the Market

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    I was in a rather chilling online conversation yesterday with a fundamentalist Christian…about as far right as you can get.

    During our fray he wrote this:

    “Yes Jesus loves us. Yes Jesus ate with sinners…..and He will come back and kill so many that the blood will run bridle high for 180 miles. Jesus ain’t no hippie”

    My response was,”So when Jesus returns, he’s going to commit murder? Is that not a sin?” No response as of yet.

    Then this article made its way to me today.

    I’ve sent it to the guy I was chatting with yesterday. He will probably be the first to sign up for one of these.


    There’s nothing christian about guns.


    I tend to agree with Bill Maher, along with many other pundits of far more distinguished academic backgrounds, that religion is a form of mental illness.

    At it’s very best, and therefore most benign, one’s personal theological underpinnings are basically irrelevant to society. I.e. If it gives you some form of spiritual comfort, etc. then good for you. Go forth, do good deeds, be a good person, and/or whatever makes you happy so long as you’re not infringing upon another’s beliefs.

    I, again personally, may find it all a bit nonsensical but you’re not harming anyone. So, whatever. The framers of the U.S. Constitution clearly felt the same way which is why we have the separation of Church and State in this country.

    Sadly, that (positive/benign) form of religious observance appears to be in the minority. Generally speaking, I find the overtly religious to be completely obnoxious, happily ignorant, impervious to logic and reason, and seemingly living in a constant state of low level ecclesiastical rage that’s directed at anyone whom is in any way different from themselves. Their fondest wish to force others to conform to their belief system in every regard. (See also, the GOP.)

    It’s one of the choicest bits of irony that all of these likeminded “good Christian folk” who bray unendingly about the rightness of their positions and causes, and are the most vocal opponents of radicalized Islam (along with pretty much anyone else who’s not “their” kind of “Christian”) are themselves religious zealots of the worst sort. They’d be perfectly happy living in a Theocracy; as long as it’s a “Christian” one. Which is in part how you end up with something as utterly perverse as Bible verses etched upon a weapon designed to kill other human beings. American Taliban, indeed.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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