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    I know a lot of you aren’t on board with significant change. And that’s OK. We have time, and no need for hassles. The overall outcome we all want; namely, for better to happen, is enough to continue a good dialog.

    Take a damn good look at the future of the Democratic party, or if it really doesn’t get there, politics overall. Things are different now. People like this are growing up with something we didn’t have, and truths for us aren’t truths for them.

    Some of you are really not gonna like this kid, but I do encourage you to watch a few videos off this channel. Step away from the disagreement, should you have it. (I absolutely do, on a number of fronts.) That is just a discussion we can resolve.

    What I want you to see and think about is someone lucid, aware, passionate. Someone who gives a shit. I can work with that.

    Our future looks bright. We may not get there on this election, but we absolutely are going to get there.



    I like him. He’s passionate and articulate and respectful of those who in good faith think differently than he does.


    Me too! Seconded!


    What I like the most is he puts it out there, solid as he sees and understands it. Fair enough. I have some basic disagreements with him, but as stated, fair enough. He’s demonstrating frank dialog, and good form. (And in my book, that does not always mean nice language, apparently his too.)

    He then asks for it, debate in the comments. Reminds me of someone… And yeah, I’m gonna do it here soon. Going a few rounds with this young person is likely to be enlightening and all kinds of fun. Hell, I might even get scuffed up a little.


    Happy 4th to you and your family, sir!


    This Kid is great, and right on Target. I clicked on his video “why Hillary disgusts me” and he makes so many great points about Hillary.


    I don’t take advice from 12 year olds.

    All I had to do is read the titles of the videos and watch 14 seconds of the Hillary Disgusts Me video to realize what this kid has to say is worthless.

    I blame his parents, because at the end of the day parents control the politics of kids with the exception of how their brain operates.

    Anybody who is a minority and is not firmly behind Hillary, who by the way is the D nominee, risks lowering their stance in society with Trump being elected as a result of this kind of day dreaming.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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