Chasing the Moon

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    Dan Packard

    PBS The American Experience (KOPB channel 10) is running a great documentary this week about the space race to get to the moon. The vintage photography and sounds are masterfully reproduced, along with interesting tidbits such as ex-Nazi rocket engineer Wernher von Braun leading up NASA development, and murky circumstances that prevented Ed Dwight, Jr. from becoming the first African-American astronaut.

    The 50th anniversary of humans setting foot on the moon is coming up on July 20. This is an excellent documentary about how it wasn’t a yellow brick road getting from Cape Canaveral to the moon.



    A must-see (if you’re into this stuff) is the Apollo exhibit at the International Air and Space Museum in Seattle. We hit it on the way north last week with our niece, and it is spectacular. It is the only stop the Smithsonian is making with the exhibit on the west coast.



    These documentaries are great. CNN did one called Apollo 11 that contains a lot of previously unseen footage. There’s no narrator, just actual recorded audio between mission control and the astronauts. Good stuff.



    I have not seen the PBS show, but I agree the CNN special was terrific. It is important that NASA caught great footage of everything, and it is indeed impressive. I’m so glad this footage has been released so many generations can see what probably was the greatest accomplishment of the 20th century.



    Thanks for the heads-up, Dan! I’ve already read some recent books about the moon race coming out the year of the 50th anniversary. Love this stuff.

    I’ll have to watch it from the beginning online. Here’s part 1:



    Just watched the third and final episode. Great documentary! Nice perspective, different from the other documentaries I’ve seen about the Apollo program.

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