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    Let’s kick this around a bit. Been doing a little light reading on the possible end of the world. Sept. 24, if you’re wondering. Pretty heavy stuff happening on the Swiss-French border, about 300 feet below the surface of the Earth. Hoping its not true, if for no other reason – kinda curious to see if the Seahawks can make it back to the Super Bowl. It’s all about priorities, right? Go hawks, and you know, humankind !!


    Johnlaw: You must be a beginner in this realm. Haven’t you heard the previous day (Sept 23) World War III begins? Also I’ve heard that same day an Asteroid will hit Puerto Rico, wiping out most of the Northern Hemisphere. Have a nice day.


    Big concerns CERN will cause the end of the world in September…



    I’m sure our current understanding is sufficient to rule out ending the world.

    Basic ethics would prevent an experiment requiring so many people and resources to proceed otherwise.

    Besides, new physics is always a good thing. Maybe we can get our flying cars sooner!


    Circa 1999, I heard an interview on Coast to Coast AM With Art Bell where a University of Hawaii professor by the name of Paul Dixon was warning that a proposed supercollider could open a gateway to a high energy dimension called De Sitter space. According to Professor Dixon, this could instantaneously destroy the earth.

    I was a bit freaked out when I heard this doomsday scenario on the radio. However, I noted that at no point in the interview did Professor Dixon identify himself as a physicist. I later looked up his name, and I found that there was a staff member in the psychology department of the University of Hawaii by that name. Fast-forward 16 years, and the earth hasn’t yet been incinerated by energy from other dimensions.


    Pure bullshit.


    Hopefully CERN provides compelling evidence God is just a puny little non-entity. So when “the man behind the curtain” sails away in a hot air balloon (pun unintentional but apt) society can get a life.


    I am not conCERNed.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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