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    Andy Brown

    Horizontal only polarization has other weaknesses separate from the receiving antenna orientation, especially when it’s fairly close to the ground. Having said that, in hilly terrain it is often preferred.

    This study in support of H only used cars with vertical whips, though.


    There are many variables but the most important one is where is the target area and what is the terrain between the antenna and the target (and the distance).

    Remember, natural topography causes reflections and when you send out the signal polarized only H or only V, it can get twisted. End of story, almost, but modern in window antennae, like Alfredo pointed out, are J shaped and are circularly polarized so they can receive most anything in any orientation. Transmitting circular pol helps to reduce flutter because even if it gets twisted, there’s still components in both planes. Also, H or V only transmitting results in more multipath issues.


    Shirley Knott

    The 60dbu of the new signal should clear both Hood River and Goldendale whereas the current one does not.

    Seems like a perfect path to turning on a little on channel booster in each town. Once you have a 60 dBu contour, you’ve got a clear shot at a booster.


    Cool… Jive Radio has posted photos of the KJYV antenna work.


    (The site also has a note about some recent KJIV Madras coverage issues )

Viewing 3 posts - 466 through 468 (of 468 total)
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