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    Andy Brown

    The Cascade Educational Broadcast Service of Portland, OR has been assigned KXRY 91.1 from licensee Common Frequency of Davis, CA in exchange for the sum of $16,000. CEBS has been operating KXRY since it’s going on air under an LMA with Common Frequency and this assignment of the license has been the plan from the beginning.

    CEBS already has a long term lease on MetroEast’s translator on 107.1 and owns another translator out on the Oregon coast. They also have developed a video presence on public access cable.

    CEBS is led by Jenny Logan.

    CEBS has directly paid for many of their improvements since coming on the air. Common Frequency basically obtained the license from Reed College for no money. In exchange, the illustrious Todd Urich of Common Frequency did an LPFM application for Reed College which was successful but then dismissed by Reed College.
    KXRY began life as a 7 watt (Class D) station with antenna on Rocky Butte with little hope of ever covering more then the SE 82nd Ave. corridor. Numerous radio industry folks urged KXRY to work with MetroEast who had been operating the 107.1 translator for a few years. The deal they struck together gave KXRY a West Hills located translator to feed (not an easy project since the translator must be fed off air and is well outside the 91.1 60 dBu contour).
    CEBS has been successful in taking advantage of it’s increased coverage footprint and has also come to agreement with one of the LPFM’s in Vancouver which carries their programming.

    Andy Brown

    Petition To Deny this transfer remains publicly unaddressed by either CEBS or Common Frequency. The application remains Accepted For Filing at the FCC, but it’s been several months. I doubt the FCC is going to grant it without a whole slew of changes at the LPFM’s involved. In short, since KXRY is a Class D and not an LPFM, its board members can not be on the board(s) of an LPFM(s) but I haven’t seen any board change filings for the LPFMs involved. I hesitate to contact any of the folks I know that are involved because, frankly, I don’t think they would give me a true or complete story.

    Petition To Deny (not too long and in the words of Arte Johnson, very interesting):


    It would be nice if XRAY would add some more progressive talk shows—-from the few that are left over the air. Most had to move to the Internet because of the corporate conspiracy to purge the airwaves of progressive radio (KPOJ). Ring of Fire on Saturday, Stephanie Miller and Norman Goldman weekdays.


    The corporate conspiracy to purge the airwaves of low rated, unsaleable programing?

    Andy Brown

    Common Frequency has requested their application to assign KXRY to CEBS be dismissed.

    The dismissal of the application will not be the end of the FCC looking into the information on the Petition To Deny, which alleges numerous transgressions of the rules.



    OR BALED-20170717ADP KXRY 66303 COMMON FREQUENCY, INC. Voluntary Assignment of License
    Form 314

    Petition to Deny Filed 08/15/2017
    by Daniel Vetsalo

    Application dismissed at
    request of Licensee Common
    Frequency, Inc. on 12/12/2017.
    Petition to Deny dismissed
    as moot.


    This From All Access:

    COMMON FREQUENCY, INC. has closed on the sale of noncommercial Variety KXRY (XRAY.FM)/PORTLAND, OR to CASCADE EDUCATIONAL BROADCAST SERVICE for $16,000. CASCADE has operated the station, formerly REED COLLEGE’s KRRC, under an LMA since 2012.


    Living on the Oregon Coast I got so tired of not finding the programming I wanted to listen to. We used to have a Progressive station. Then they went to Sports. The same station was Adult Standards for a time, when to Sports, now to Oldies. I bought a wifi radio some years back (I now have three, plus the Roku), I can listen to about any station or podcast. All of the MSNBC shows are there, and many others. Often with no ads. For music, any format is out there. I was listening to WVOX New Rochelle NY the other morning. They were running a Doo Wop show with interviews from old rockers of the 50s. Taking requests. The DJ with the NY accent sounded like a station in the late 50s. I hate to admit it, working in radio for years, I rarely listen to the regular AM-FM radios any longer. Radio is not what it used to be. KXRY I have as a preset as Tomm Hartmann I enjoy his show in the mornings.


    I was given a Grace internet radio with a somewhat flaky menu/tuning knob, but it’s still very usable. My only dislike is having only 10 presets.


    The 107.1 signal has really improved on the westside but it sounds like they’re mono and not the greatest audio.

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