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    Religious mom to daughter: “I don’t know what we could have done for God to have given us a fag as a child,”

    What would your response to this mom be if you overhead this? Quiet enabling or hurl a F-you? For some, the distance from there to Vista bridge are mere steps.

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    More domestic right wing terrorism.

    Is it time to infiltrate churches across America and use enhanced interrogation methods to flush theses terrorists among us out?


    I like to stick to facts. And the only FACT in the article about the killer was the type of car driven, by the killer. I have known Broadway for almost 40 years. To the best of my knowledge he has NEVER been involved in any type of criminal act. And another fact, If I was Broadway I would be talking with a lawyer for a possible cause of action against skep and anus who IMO this time are really talking out of their ass. You two remind me of someone who thinks most crime is done by “those colored people”.


    “You two remind me of someone who thinks most crime is done by “those colored people”.”

    Actually, these days, it’s done by white religious types. You have Broadway in this forum as one example and that Davis person as another example. Hatred kills, even when served up with a smile. And that’s a fact!


    +1 Steve for dumbest post of the year!


    Steve, thank you for your support.


    Possible cause of action?



    The answer to free speech we don’t like is more free speech.

    Anyone who finds it desirable to avoid painful speech can simply consider others and the pain their own speech may cause.


    stevethedj, your post starts with the statement, “I like to stick to facts”, followed immediately only by statements that are either untrue or your opinion – no facts (e.g. that was not the *only* fact in the article about the killer).

    I agree with Vit, you are solidly in the running for dumbest post.

Viewing 8 posts - 16 through 23 (of 23 total)
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