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    That THIS is a case of Right Wing Domestic Terrorism?

    Deane Johnson

    Amus, the only thing we can agree on is that you’re a moron.


    Based solely on the information in the article you linked, I can’t come to the same conclusion at this time Amus. Could be a domestic dispute, could be a transgender hate crime. Unfortunately there are still left-wingers out there that are capable of this kind of thing, for their own sick reasons.

    Is bias against transgender people a typical trait of right-wingers? Absolutely. Is this a right-wing hate crime? Looks and smells like one, but need more info – like the motive of the perpetrator.


    I agree, this comment from Anus was totally stupid and uncalled for.


    There have been 18 trans women murdered in the US thus far. Far more than last year. The vast majority of victims were trans women of color.

    Root cause of these deaths: Racism and the religious right (hatred). That’s you Tony Perkins and Broadway. Fuck both of you.


    I’ll consider the source (Trump supporter) and conclude you wouldn’t know a moron from a doorknob.

    I respect you, and you’re right. Too soon to know. But I’d put money on it.

    I see what you did there!
    “Anus”, a play on my username!
    You’re clever!


    I would not blame any political idealogy. And blaming Broadway for this is beyond stupid


    Broadway is enabling. No direct blame, nor intent on his part either.

    Ignorance can be painful, like an accident can be painful. Of course clumsy people, however well intentioned they may be, still need to pay more attention to limit the harm they do.

    On this one, it is really easy to make and see the benefit of the doubt type argument. I get it and think it’s plausible.

    But, the sheer amount of ugly present in the right makes it hard to give that argument any weight. My money is on it too.

    The right, in general, is enabling to racists, bigots and theocrats. Been that way for a long enough time to be difficult to ignore too.

    Do we need the ugly lists again?

    No, we don’t, but let’s not pretend the Republicans have some measure of respectable purity right now. That is laughable.

    In fact, it is a laughable as Trump is popular.

    The party establishment did that and they knew what they were doing and why and how they might benefit in the near term too.


    I blame right wing religious zealots, and therfore, Broadway shares the blame.


    “And blaming Broadway for this is beyond stupid”

    Nope. Broadway’s utterances trigger suicides, and that’s a fact. Calling it stupid is akin to looking away in silence when Broadway triggers another jump.


    This was not intended to be a “Bash Broadway” thread, though I suppose it was inevitable.

    The Enabler angle I understand, I’m just not crazy about personal attacks.

    That said, it would be wonderful if the Enablers could see the damage they do as in this case.
    It really is bullying in Jesus’ name.

    I still believe this qualifies as terrorism since the goal of terror is to violently create fear in pursuit of a political or religious goal.


    That is why I kept my post tepid. Enabling isn’t good, but it isn’t direct blood on hands either.

    Secondly, as advocates for change, we need to think hard about keeping the door open for dialog, and on that front I will recognize Broadway for doing that no matter what.

    I don’t see it his way at all, but I absolutely recognize his consistent maintenance of his part of the dialog.

    At any time, any of us could ask, and he would be right there sharing it big, no matter what.

    I respect that, just as much as I abhor his vision for change.

    There is enabling through simple ignorance, or brains having been addled by dogma and norms, and there is enabling with a far more direct intent.

    Broadway and a lot of people similar to him are aligned more closely to the former than the latter.

    Limbaugh is a prime example of the latter, and I personally am inclined to be far less charitable in my response because of that.


    Terrorism may be a bit of a stretch, but definitely a hate crime.


    “The Enabler angle I understand, I’m just not crazy about personal attacks.”

    How about this: The closer one is, or works with, or advocates for the kind of victims that die at the hands of the broadways of the world, the greater the chances of that person calling a spade a spade.

    There’s nothing redeeming about Broadway. He can’t offset the chaos and misery he causes in people with goodness in other ways. Other ugly people — like wife beaters, are a little more respectable, after all, spouses can leave. But the kind of people the broadways of the world beat down are the most marginalized of all marginalized groups. He preys on the weak — the ones who can’t fight back. Then whines how he is being treated here. At least he’s not dead like his victims.

    Proud of yourself there, Broadway?

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