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    What’s a Christian to do when the choices are Hillary or (among many other shortcomings) a fool?

    Andy Brown



    The premise is wrong. Trump isn’t a fool.

    Character is important but it doesn’t trump policy, which affects the masses. The Christian must vote for the candidate whose policies would strive for the greatest good for all and that would be Trump.


    Trump does not do policy. Saber rattling is not foreign policy and name- calling is not domestic policy.


    Policy? Trump has spoken about policy? LMAO.

    Trump’s ramblings are utterly incoherent. It’s a mixture of empty sloganeering, demagoguery, hyperbole, distortions, ignorance hiding beneath bluster and bravado, and an avalanche of out and out untruths. He lies with virtually every breath; in many cases contradicting things he’d said as recently as the day before of which there’s clear audio and video evidence. A shocking amount of the time he sounds like an utter moron; completely disinterested in learning the specifics of anything he’s chosen to speak about.

    It only sounds “smart” to really stupid people. Or those so filled with hate and bile that like has called to like. Congratulations racist, bigots, and authoritarian loving neo-retards, you’ve found your guy!

    That’s hardly a unique opinion and it’s one not at all limited to “liberals” or “Democrats”. You have to be a special kind of deluded idiot to possibly believe otherwise at this point.

    Opposition to and disgust with this moron is widespread, bipartisan, and growing. The RNC is in the process of metaphorically cutting him loose, and that after (yet another) weekend of high profile Republican defections to join the already impressive elist of current and former Republican members of government that have disavowed Donald Trump as the most unqualified candidate for the Presidency in the history of the Republic.

    Trump and his followers are a (sad/sick) joke. The Trump campaign aspires to one day become a dumpster fire.

    That warbling you’re hearing from stage right is the fat lady warming up.

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