Buckle up, sick people.

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    But but but. Obamacare!


    Dead On Arrival…just like 24 million would be if it passed.



    Auto and fire insurance are now suspect?


    To state the obvious as succinctly as possible, as is so often the case with the GOP, it’s less a matter of policy and more a matter of truthfulness.

    If you’d like to make the case that the government should not be in the business of ensuring the healthcare coverage for all of its citizens, then by all means lay that out and attempt to sway others to your point of view.

    That, of course, is the (simplified) bottom line from the GOP perspective. It is today. It was yesterday. It will be tomorrow. Every iteration of every health care “plan” the GOP has offered for decades is a collection of the same raft of proposals. (The bulk of which have been utterly debunked time and again by every independent analysis you can imagine.)They are, without exception in the name (but not actual practice) of long term fiscal responsibility, designed to shift the burden onto the individual; and in the process disproportionally impacts those most in need.

    The well off, or simply the fortunate, win. Everyone else loses.

    That’s, of course, why they lie about it incessantly and do everything in their considerable power to confuse and frighten the electorate. It’s not a coincidence that vast numbers of people who would be most negatively impacted by Trump Care are the very dolts that voted for Captain Liar-Liar-Pants-On-Fire.

    As I’ve shared before, I’m not happy about the pain, suffering, and in many cases, actual deaths that would result from the passage of this tax break for the wealthy abomination disguised as a health care “plan”, but should it come to pass the GOP will reap the fucking whirlwind and have no-one to blame but themselves.

    It’s rare to see a piece of proposed legislation this nakedly immoral. (Let’s spend even more on the military! Let’s give tax breaks to the upper 2% of earners! Let’s, in the name of “freedom” and “choice”, allow people the freedom to be financially ruined by an unforeseen accident or illness and then the choice to die as they cannot afford proper medical care!) It’s kind of amazing in an awful and absurd way.

    If we, as a nation, made it our business to provide (in essence) Medicare for all, we could pay for every man, woman, and child in the nation to be insured simply through defense spending cuts. (Which would only leave the United States spending more than ten times that on defense as the next closest nation on Earth. Oh no!)

    Imagine that.


    Meanwhile, in opposite world:


    Very interesting read. In short, the publisher of News Max (which is not exactly a mainstream source of news or opinion; it’s right to the right, etc.) who happens to be a close friend of Trump is advising him to scrap that entire GOP monstrosity and in effect embrace and advocate for a single payer system.

    It’s an interesting set of proposals, requiring real give and take and compromise. With some reservations, I’d actually support the idea.


    Wouldn’t be a hoot if we ended up with universal health care because of Trump?


    He could, almost overnight, save his entire Presidency.

    It’s (universal coverage) what the majority of American citizens actually want; including a majority of Republicans.

    The vast, vast majority of voters would rally behind that in a (dare I say) yuge, way.

    He’d become the man who, literally, saved your life/saved the healthcare system of the U.S. And as a “Republican”; he could ram it through in a way that no Democratic President ever could.

    Of course; I’m not holding my breath.


    “He could, almost overnight, save his entire Presidency.”

    Until, almost overnight, he sends out another fever dream induced tweetstorm.


    Elections have consequences, and I think it’s time for Trump voters to sleep in the bed they made.

    It’s no surprise the GOP bill shifts costs to the old and sick. There is no option to reduce the costs of insurance and premiums other than to reduce liabilities.

    My household’s insurance will not be affected one way or another, whatever ends up happening. We both work for very good organizations the provide stellar benefits.

    That can’t be said for all those Trump voters. All stats show Trump voters stand to take the biggest slap to the sack.

    And while I always have empathy, in this case I don’t. If you voted for Trump, I hope his changes make you suffer big time.




    And, no vote today. Delayed due to utter incompetence.

    So-much-winning. I can barely keep up with it all.


    Maybe Ryan and ASSociates needed more than 7 years to come up with something better.

    and, we’re still waiting.


    Trump threatens House GOP.

    House GOP, in essence, tells him to eat a dick.

    Per The New York Times, Paul Ryan is (as I type) swooshing over to tell Fuckface Von Clownstick he does not possess the votes to pass the ACA repeal.




    House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., who as speaker was Obama’s crucial lieutenant in passing the Democratic bill in the first place, couldn’t resist a dig at the GOP disarray.

    “You may be a great negotiator,” she said of Trump. “Rookie’s error for bringing this up on a day when clearly you’re not ready.”


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