Buckle up, sick people.

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    “It’s going to be — what my plan is is that I want to take care of everybody. So I want to make sure that nobody’s dying in the streets when I’m President. Nobody’s going to be dying on the streets. We will unleash something that’s going to be terrific”! –Donald J Trump.

    He also promised that no-one currently covered by the ACA would lose their insurance, that many of the ACA’s most popular aspects would be included into any Republican plan, that it would be lower cost, cover more people than the ACA, and would not affect how Medicare is administrated.
    Guess what? Literally, none of that is true. We know this, because the GOP unveiled their health care plan today! Well, sort of.

    1. The GOP plan comes without a CBO scorecard. I’m sure the smart folks understand both the reason the GOP would unveil their plan without one, as well as what dire implications that portends. Hint: It’s more costly than the ACA in every way; while simultaneously understating or leaving out entirely the macro economic impact.

    2. If signed into law, the GOP plan will very (very) likely throw millions of people off of Medicare at a state level. The Republican plan shifts open ended Federal matching funds to a per capita lump sum payment.

    3. In turn, that move will drastically impact hospital revenue and increase charity care; which of course is already grossly insufficient.

    4. Rich people win, though! Make more than $250,000 annually? The GOP health care plan eliminates both a modest taxation upon that revenue as well as a taxation that only affects the (very) well to do’s investment revenue. I.e. having the most well off among us, pay a little more, is how we help our fellow citizens.

    5. Similarly, the medical device industry wins. They, too, lost a modest taxation that helped pay for the ACA and cover millions of people with no other real health care options.

    Republicans believe, “believe” being the key word there, which the insurance industry will self-regulate in large measure and provide “more opportunity” for citizens. In other words:

    • Be fortunate enough to have an employer who provides great health care coverage.
    • Save your pennies. You’ll need them! I.e. that GOP favorite, “health care savings accounts”. This, of course, is a ludicrous option for millions upon millions of Americans who are only in a position to make ends meet.
    • Don’t get sick. Or hurt. Or better yet, either.

    Democrats in turn argue with both supportive, fact based detail as well as historical precedent, that the GOP plans are more or less nonsensical. In at that they’re not designed to do any of the things the Republicans (or Donald Trump) keep telling the American people they intend to. The GOP does not want to offer affordable health care coverage to every U.S. citizen. Period. In point of fact, they’ve been working in opposition of that goal for the last four decades. They just lie and dissemble about it. A lot.

    On the plus side of all of this. There’s unanimous Democrat opposition to this boondoggle and quite a bit of fractious Republican opposition as well. The far right hates this bill for a host of reasons. The (few) moderates hate it for a host of other reasons. All of that aside, the GOP Senate is already considering ways both to avoid debating the matter, as exposing this bill to daylight would cause its support to crumble among anyone paying attention to such matters, (including a lot of Republican voters) and working to jam it through in a way the minority party cannot slow or even state an objection to o the open record.. Ah, Democracy!

    While I’m not pleased that anyone will be hurt by this should it be signed into law, and you can 100% bet that many, many, (many!) people will be hurt by this, I am pleased that (for once) The GOP will have literally no-one but themselves to blame for this impending horrendous mess.

    For the more classical read among you, “And, who knows” Maybe the horse will sing”.


    Henceforth let be known as Donnycare.


    Or perhaps Donnydontcare, Donnynocare ?




    Trump Health Care and Casino: You Can Bet Your Life On It!®*

    * Trump Health Care and Casino is for entertainment purposes only. Does not provide actual financial assistance with health care. Move to a progressive country such as Canada if you seek viable health care options.


    The GOP plan won’t pass as proposed. Because it has little support with Republicans (who think it is weak), and almost no support with Democrats (who think it is too strong). This divide, in my mind, is actually a positive as it will delay any repeal/replace until after the 2018 midterms. Another Trump failure.

    Andy Brown

    Today the AMA came out against the new health care plans of the drumpf/GOP elite and said it “would result in millions of Americans losing coverage and benefits.”


    Since the bill is dead in the water, being opposed by many GOP’rs from the hard right as well as the moderates from midwest states that have already been given notice from their constituencies at the town meetings two weeks ago about losing their health care.

    Clearly, the campaigning for the 2018 midterms has begun and it looks bad for Republicans even before the contents of this bill was released.

    The failed drumpf presidency is totally off the tracks. They’re going down fast and in a big way.


    These political pissing matches make me sick.


    Yet here you are posting in one. It kind of makes you a hypocrite, unless you’re Trump, then it makes you president.


    Crusty old curmudgeons whose heads are stuck so far up their asses that they can’t recognize lame attempts at satire when they read it make me sick.


    Indeed. If we can’t all have a good laugh about throwing millions of people to the metaphorical wolves (while lying about it, to the benefit of the wealthy and the detriment of basically everyone else), what’s there to chuckle about?


    Chuckling makes me sick. Everybody happy now? 😀


    There is a disease called pseudobulbar affect, which is marked by inappropriate laughing. The pharmaceutical industry has developed medications to treat this condition.


    And now the non-partisan, CBO scorecard is in.

    *The Republican plan covers fewer people.
    *The Republican plan will cause more than 24 million people to lose health care coverage within a decade.
    *It’s more expensive, and benefits the wealthy.

    Nice job, assholes.


    As Paul Ryan said, you can’t expect the healthy people to pay for the sick people.


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