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    C’mon, man! Do you really believe that? Listen. Look around. Do you honestly think Trump and Cruz are fit to be President?


    I wouldn’t expect anything in response particularly informed or thoughtful if I were you.

    Dork, like many on the far right, are apparently incapable of rational discourse and disinterested in asking or answering direction questions. The tenor of said questions is irrelevant. He’s a drive by poo flinger.

    It’s patently obvious that neither Trump or Cruz are remotely qualified for the office they seek. The former is an ignorant, serial lying, racist, misogynistic, narcissistic, bullying and blustering demagogue. Not in my opinion; by his own words and actions. It’s indefensible.

    Just in the last couple of days: How about that disgusting doubling down, (and provably lying) defense of his campaign manager being charged with assaulting the female reporter from Breitbart? Classy! Or, his immature school boy antics in defending his disgusting attacks on the appearance of Ted Cruz’s wife?

    “He (meaning Ted) started it”! cried out The Donald to MSBC, Fox & Friends, and Anderson Cooper of CNN in the last twenty four hours. (My favorite response to date on this bit of nauseating theater came from Anderson Cooper, “With all due respect, “He started it”, is the argument of a five year old”.)

    Or how about the rally happening today in Wisconsin where snarling, howling, screaming, Donald Trump supporters (all white) brandishing “Lives Matter” signs pepper sprayed and then yelled “nigger lover” and “bitch” at a fifteen year old counter protester? Looking good, Republicans.

    Every time I think Trump has found a new low, he breaks through the floorboards and finds another layer of sediment to dig through.

    That’s apparently Dork’s candidate. As such, he’s revealed himself as someone whom either tacitly (if not openly) supports all of this disgusting insanity or is in abject denial it’s even occurring. Neither portrait is flattering.

    As for the latter, well I think “ick” probably best sums it up. He’s widely, and well deservingly, loathed by everyone who’s not a misinformed Tea Party/base Republican voter. It’s a sign of how horrific a wide swath of the Republican party views Donald Trump that Ted Cruz is even being looked at as the (last ditch) alternative.



    He now wants to overturn Roe V Wade and “punish” women for seeking an abortion.

    He cannot rule out using nuclear weapons.

    What the actual fuck.

    On a plus note, his already comically terrible negatives are skyrocketing, his national poll numbers are going south, and in Wisconsin (a must win for Trump to eke out the delegate lead his requires) he’s now down by 10 vs. Cruz.

    Ladies and gentlemen: Your Republican candidates for President.


    I predict that Trump will *not* crater in his support; the whacko radical right (the perennial 20-23% authoritarian right) have nowhere else to go, and will stay loyal to Herr Drumpf till the bitter end.

    What will happen is that those who have been dabbling with the idea of a so-called straight talking Trump presidency will reassess, and quietly back away, looking to the sky and whistling as if they had no part of his embarrassing ascension. Most of these people will turn to Ted Cruz, but the damage will already have been done; the right has been cleaved in half, even if Trump doesn’t run as a third party candidate (which I’m beginning to think he will do, simply to assuage his own ego). I do think the RNC establishment will do everything in their power to deny the nomination to Trump, and since they set the rules…

    The slow-motion implosion of the Trump campaign is starting now. You may want to set your DVR on time-lapse, because it will take awhile. But it is happening.


    I’ve personally thought many times Trump finally did something to ruin his support. Over and over he’s done it, in spectacular fashion, and his support only grows. I don’t expect anything moving forward to derail Trump. He is what he is and his supporters suffer from lizard brain syndrome. The lizard brain don’t like change.

    But as a Hillary supporter, I continue to debate with myself who would be the better candidate for Hillary to face. Trump or Cruz?

    Cruz is a known quantity in how he will lose. Trump on the other hand is a wild card. Cruz won’t be peeling off Dem votes, but Trump certainly will.


    As I watch the Trump campaign, I’m reminded of “The Producers.” Anyone else?


    I was thinking “Idiocracy”, but I see your point.


    Jimmy Kimmel is way ahead of you, dux.

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