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    Where did Schmizza go?

    Master of Disaster

    A while back there was discussion of some changes at PDX, something tells me the addition of the new pizza place displaced the Schmizza there.

    It’s off the service listings and maps on as well.


    Schmizza was closed the last time the Master of Disaster used PDX (6 AM in the morning on the weekend for a 7 AM hour flight), otherwise the Master of Disaster would have stopped by.

    Brian, if you can please let us know if you and your staff are OK.


    Yes. Please!

    I did notice a bunch of new food carts.
    That’s very Portland.


    Yes, RIP Schmizza PDX.

    We were one of the casualties of the expiring leases at PDX. Lots of old stuff out, new stuff in.

    I am on my feet, however, and still at PDX. I am managing the new Cafe’ Yumm! coming in (also on Concourse C, where the old Riverfront Cafe was).

    At this time, we’re strictly a grab-and-go kiosk, selling our Yumm! sauce, drinks, and we’re adding in some food options (pastries, bagels, muffins, fruit, etc.) We’ll be fully open come April.

    There’s a lot of politics behind everything that I am not privy to, but I found out in August that we’d be leaving. I was able to get an outstanding opportunity to stay out at PDX, make more money, and work less hours, for a great concept. And after almost 25 years flipping pizzas, it’s something different!

    I am working 4am-2:30pm M-f right now out there. I will be doing some training in other stores during the transition as well, but what and where remains to be seen.

    The food carts post-security are all temporary, until the permanent stores open. So don’t worry, guys.

    @MoD – sorry I didn’t get to meet you! PLEASE come by and introduce yourself if you’re heading out, I’d love to meet you.

    – sorry for the scare, friend. Stop by anytime!

    And that goes for the rest of you as well.


    Glad all is well Brian!

    I’ll be coming back through Wednesday, but have to scoot to a meeting.

    Next trip will be the week of the 26th.
    Where do I find you? Café Yum?


    Yep. By gate C6-C7, not as far down as Schmizza was. I’ll be in the first kiosk, right in the middle. Just look for the Cafe’ Yumm! stanchion signs.


    Saw Brian Friday evening at my gig in Vancouver. Got the lowdown from him, then.

    Glad you’ve landed on your feet my friend. Thanks for coming out on Friday. Got booked again, with my duo partner you met, for Friday Feb 6…same bat time…same bat station.


    Thanks for the notice, Chris! As always, you were great, and she is very talented. Great duo.

    My much better half and I will most likely be there.

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