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    Andy Brown

    Like I said in the other thread, this is not over although the Republican bullshit machine will be soon running at full blast screaming “no collusion.” Mueller did not say that. Period. Sorry Herb.

    In fact, according to the Attorney General’s letter, he described a pattern of evidence suggesting the President engaged in obstruction of justice.


    Let’s see the report in its entirety.


    Ironic that all the Hillary haters accused Comey for being in Clinton’s pocket yet can’t sniff the stink coming from a decision by an attorney general handpicked by Trump, and him being a guy that auditioned for his job by penning a letter denouncing any investigation into trump’s possible obstruction as a fatally misconceived investigation.

    This has the stench of something that is far from being settled.


    Everyone has been holding their breath, and keeping their poweder dry, waiting for the Mueller report to be issued.

    Now that it’s out, there is still lots to learn.

    Just because Bill Clinton wasn’t convicted on impeachment charges doesn’t mean that he didn’t have “sex with that woman”. And just because Mueller apparently didn’t have enough evidence to prove conspiracy doesn’t mean that Trump didn’t rig the election with the help of the Russians.

    And just like Bush was able to take the White House from the Democrats after the Clinton debacle, the GOP better keep looking over its shoulder heading into 2020. The 2018 midterms may be just the beginning.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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