Boehner Resigns

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    No details yet, AP headline @ 6:30 am.
    Edit: He’s apparently retiring at the end of next month. Don’t let the screen door hit ya.


    Thank you Pope Francis.


    He’s been getting it from all sides, and been facing a bigger front from the far-right.

    I’m not sure what to think of this.


    What I think is funny is that the exteme right wing of the GOP truely believes that the secret of sucsess is to go more RWNJ.


    The Republican establishment must be getting fed up with their extreme right wing. The Ted Cruz crowd continuously heckles from the back row, making it impossible to lead.

    Given the “whacko wrangling” that Boehner has had to do over most of his tenure as Speaker, I’m surprised that he didn’t step down long ago.


    It will be interesting to see what he does between now and the end of October, particularly since another government shutdown is looming.


    He was ineffective as Speaker for a number of reasons, though mostly owing to the extreme rightward tilt of the majority of his own caucus. He leaves his post having accomplished basically nothing.

    He could have broken with the lunatics any number of times and passed legislation with Democratic support, (including the Senate’s version of immigration reform which passed with bipartisan support) but instead chose to simply (try) and manage the circus. Among his many perceived heresies among the lunatics included the number of times he had to save the GOP from itself with the help of Democrats. (Ex: funding the government.)

    As said lunatic caucus celebrates is resignation, it’s worth savoring the impending irony.

    Put simply, in deference to any Republicans whom may be present among the forum today, the conventional wisdom among the whack jobs is that that Boehner was an impediment to their legislative agenda. I.e. If only he would (somehow) coerce the Senate Democratic minority and a sitting Democratic President to acquiesce to their every, completely unworkable and insane, whim then the Republican agenda would triumph. Or something.

    And now that’s he’s gone, there shall be magic, they say! Wizardly conjuring the likes of which Gandalf has never seen is nigh! Lo, the Tea Party agenda shall rule the land! Or something.

    Of course, nothing of the kind will happen. The situation is completely unchanged regardless of whomever holds the Speakership. President Obama is still in the Oval Office.

    The only thing that’s different is that dependent upon whom the new Speaker is, the likelihood of the lunatic caucus politically shooting themselves in the face by doing something insane has now gone up. Ex: Shutting down the government over Planned Parenthood funding. (And lest we forget, it’s all based upon completely fraudulent “evidence” that has been thoroughly debunked. Not that any amount of factual information has every swayed a Tea Party Republican about anything.)

    If they’re silly enough to try it, here’s what will happen:

    • They send a funding bill to The White House tied to Planned Parenthood funding.
    • President Obama will veto the bill.
    • The government will shut down.
    • The GOP and the conservative press will attempt to say it’s the fault of the Democrats and President Obama. That’s who should get the blame, etc.
    • No-one else will accept that interpretation of events (as it’s idiotic); most notably the majority of the electorate will not buy that spin, either.
    • Public polling will show the GOP is overwhelmingly to blame for the shutdown.
    • Every day it goes on, it will cost the U.S. economy tens of millions of dollars. That will be reported. A lot. And the pressure on the GOP will continue to ramp up as the blame falls every more squarely upon their own heads.
    • Eventually, one way or the other, they’ll relent. The government will be funded. Planned Parenthood will be unaffected. All they will have accomplished is to even further tarnish their own brand and national standing. They’ll look (even more) crazy, they’ll suffer polling damage with women across the political spectrum, and they’ll look even more so not to be trusted with the levers of power. And that will be going on right in the middle of the Republicans attempting to find a candidate for President. Good times!

    Boehner was trying to avoid all of that. You know, because it’s stupid and unwinnable.

    By all means, GOP. Shut it down. It makes it all the more likely the next President will also be a Democrat.



    I think that Boehner wants to govern, but won’t (or can’t) figure out how to do it with the right-wing peanut gallery making up a big chunk of his caucus. His fear of being primaried out of his district due to not being “pure” enough is what has made him the likely winner of Worst Speaker Ever.

    So now he’s got four weeks. Will he become a turncoat and work with Pelosi to cobble together a passable budget, and marginalize the Tea Party base? Will he do what he knows is right (passing a goddamn budget) at the cost of his political future in the Republican Party?

    Oh yea – he has no future in the party. With nothing to lose, maybe he will do the right thing. Stay tuned…


    I suspect we’ll avoid a shutdown this time *because* he’s quitting.

    There’s now no political obstacles for him to cut a deal with the Democrats to keep the government functioning. The reasonable people will win a round.

    The Tea Party loons will screech (again) but it doesn’t mean anything for all of the reasons I’ve already stated.

    Everything else I outlined remains as close to politi-fact as one could prognosticate. Put money on it.

    Nothing’s changed. The Tea Party people may get their speaker, and if they stay true to form they’ll pick another fight sometime soon they cannot possibly win and accomplish nothing other than ensuring The White House remains Republican free.

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