Bloomberg May Enter Race

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    NBC reporting Michael Bloomberg is likely to enter the Presidential Race.

    Bloomberg apparently doesn’t like the chances of current dems and wants to offer an alternative to Biden with moderates. Interesting play. He certainly has the resources. In the end does this just make the demorcrats more scattered, or does it give them a solid alternative to Joe?


    I look forward to watching Bloomberg blow a bunch of his money on what is a losing campaign before it starts.

    Bloomberg, a Republican-turned-independent who registered as a Democrat last year, has flirted with a presidential run before but ultimately backed down, including in 2016. He endorsed Hillary Clinton in that race and, in a speech at the Democratic Party convention, pummeled Trump as a con who has oversold his business successes.

    That is from an AP piece.

    Progressives will have zero excitement about yet another wealthy person thinking somehow their bank balance qualifies them to lead the nation.

    And the very last thing Dems need is a late coming, wealthy Republican going for the nomination.

    Might as well just hand Trump a second term.


    Sounds like good news for Elizabeth Warren: maybe Bloomberg can peel off some of the Biden voters.


    Maybe. Then again, Biden will not go too far as it is.


    Trump gets a second term only if progressives allow it like they did in 2016.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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