Blazers exit early again

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    Tonight was ugly. Big lead blown at home, go down in the 1st round again, (believe for the 4th time in 5 years). I predict a major shakeup in the organization.

    Andy Brown

    Not all that unique to predict when all the sports press has been saying that for weeks.

    Stotts is out.

    Olshey will stay. Nurkic will be traded. Dennis Jones Jr. will be traded. Covington stays as does Lillard and C.J. Simons will stay. Little and Elleby may or may not be part of a package to move Nurk.

    That covers the contract players.

    The rest is a crap shoot. Anthony will be offered another year at vet min and will probably stay as the core of the Blazers will be staying on.

    Truth is, it really depends on who Olshey can trade for. He needs a center that isn’t injury prone and or temperamental. Nurk’s post loss presser really shot himself in the foot. Jody won’t like that. His coming across like he’s been held back by the team reveals a huge ego. He’s not Jocic and this series showed that quite plainly. Nurk was a big disappointment. C.J. didn’t play as well as he should have, but he’s still a point machine.

    Not sure what happens to Powell. They’ll need Nurk’s salary to lure a center.

    If the extreme happens, only Lillard remains and they trade C.J. and keep Powell, but that doesn’t solve much. The need for defense and a new coach may dictate a variation on all my guesses above.

    Surely Paul you can offer more than you did in the O.P.


    What is more to offer? The Blazers have been underperforming for years.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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