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    A Mississippi lawmaker says racist comments recently attributed to him were taken out of context and supposed to be off the record.

    State Rep. Gene Alday, a Republican, told The Clarion-Ledger he was against increased funding for education, in particular funding to improve literacy. During his explanation, Alday said he comes “from a town where all the blacks a
    re getting food stamps and what I call ‘welfare crazy checks.’ They don’t work.”

    Alday also told the newspaper about a time he visited an emergency room.

    “I liked to died. I laid in there for hours because they (black people) were in there being treated for gunshots,” Alday was quoted as saying.

    Alday didn’t deny the comments attributed to him. However, he said he was not a racist.

    Newsflash: You are 100% racist. And a proud Republican from Mississippi.

    And you wonder why the GOP is known as the racist party?

    Deane Johnson

    It’s good that guys like this exist Vitalogy so you’ll have something fresh from time to time to get your panties all in a bunch over.


    Vit, he will never see himself as racist, because he believes he’s not spouting opinion, but truth. At least, his truth.


    Deane, I just like to spot a light on cockroaches. But I’m sure you silently agree with his “facts”.

    Deane Johnson

    I have no way of knowing whether or not there are blacks in the local ER with gunshot wounds. I suspect you don’t either.

    Do you actually know whether or not the bulk of the black citizens in his town get welfare checks or not?

    So, do you actually know if he is right or wrong in his statements?


    He said “all the blacks are getting welfare”. This is not true, it’s an assumption based on race.

    As for the gunshot wounds, he shouldn’t complain. I’m sure he’s a 2nd ammendment backer, so he can wait in the ER line behind the results of his 2nd ammendment beliefs.

    Deane Johnson

    Vitalogy, I lived in the South. I probably know far more than you do about how hate filled and racist some folks down there can be.

    They’re best just left along to wallow in their own swill.


    Deane, I just like to spot a light on cockroaches.

    That’s bullshit. You want to define the whole by a part. You do that with gun owners and religion too.

    You like to troll.

    Andy Brown

    “You want to define the whole by a part. You do that with gun owners and religion too.”

    No, ace, he is defining a part (“Mississippi lawmen”) by a part (“Newsflash: You are 100% racist. And a proud Republican from Mississippi.”). As written, the statement does not infer that all Mississippi Republicans are racists, although that’s probably close to true.

    Learn how to read, ace, just don’t spin ad hoc which is precisely what you attempted to do.

    Also, trying to extend your incorrect analysis to other topics like gun owners and religion is pretty lame. Racism is a pretty big topic unto itself, clearly too complex for you to deal with on its own, so you inject those other topics to try and hijack the emphasis of the thread. You are lackluster. Clearly you are unable to deal with the topic and original post, so you are trying to attack the poster. No wonder no one takes you seriously.


    @Amus, that was an interesting perspective.

    I suppose it does appear as trolling to the hypocrisy blind.

    Unless we want to bring why things are the way they are and deal with that, just basing things off skin color is discrimination rooted in difficult to justify prejudice.

    Aka: Cockroaches.

    The running theme of religious people fighting for their right to discriminate and make other people’s choices fo them sucks, doesn’t it?

    End it then. Nobody needs anybody to do that.

    As for gun owners, ongoing and consistent refusals to even fund getting the data needed to improve on things, coupled with a lot of misinformation, fear, and threats doesn’t look any better.

    That kind of garbage is really easy pickings. All day long.

    End that too.

    In all of these cases, the demand for a better state of things is clear, yet we have the same loud, shitty crowd completely unwilling to work to improve, instead attempting to shift blame onto people and cite God as justification for what is otherwise shitty character and behavior.

    Rational, data driven, fact based policy works. It works because it is fucking rational, not some gut thing, or other.

    If you honestly expect to make any traction without owning at least a little bit of the shit you and others of like mind have refused for years, think again.

    Those of us who are interested in making it better have zero reason to be nice about these things.


    We tried facts. We tried, and continue to try compromise too.

    While doing that, we got and continue to get vilified.

    So fuck that.

    It is personal. Has to be. Other choices aren’t viable and that is all on you clowns, nobody else.

    Remember when I ran the experiment here to understand what that means?

    Personification trumps vilification.

    That means the only meaningful advocacy is to rub your face in it.

    …until such time as it can be elevated to a better, more reasonable, civilized discussion and body politic.

    Of course the other path is to get better consensus among the people actually willing to do that, which is being done.

    So there it is.

    It looks like trolling and being mean because IT IS.

    Clean up your shit and it will go much differently.


    And by personal, I mean being honest and unabashed in expression.

    Sugar coating it does no real good.

    It does mean hard feelings, but guess what?

    They should be hard! Doing shitty things, advocating for shitty people and policy should feel shitty.

    The idea is avoiding that shitty feeling becomes worth actually stepping up to get good things done.

    I don’t hate anybody here. I’m sure you are nice people and I would totally drink a beer anytime.

    And I expect to get as good as I give too, and I have.

    Don’t cry and whine about it. Improve. That is why this shit happens.

    Improve and it will happen much less.


    For the record, most people on welfare are women and their children.


    Take a good look at Gene Alday’s photo. He’s the classic portrait of a southern racist.

    Male, 50-60 years old, silver hair, pudgy face, blue eyes.

    No wonder “the blacks” don’t trust fat white racists like this guy.

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