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    Okay, so we’re sorry you didn’t get the memo (I’m not part of the group that sent it out), but I’ll be happy to take you for a drive down Wilsonville Road and point out all the deaths that have occurred along the 12-odd miles between Wilsonville and Newberg in the past decade or so.

    This road is primarily used by Newberg and Wilsonville residents and those living in between. What it does not need to become is an express lane to I-5 from Lincoln City/Spirit Mountain.

    Bloody alley is highway 26 going up Mt. Hood And Cornelius Pass. Let’s not create a third one. Use your influence to keep your Newberg constituents safe as they travel to work in Wilsonville.

    Good day!


    Skep. You are absolutely right. Some folks think you are a hard ass. But you always speak the truth!


    Thanks DX. 🙂

    BTW Bill, the state ALREADY spend money a decade back for a “shortcut” to I-5 and that’s the route from 99W to Hwy 219 south to the Donald I-5 exit. All signs to Wilsonville should point towards that way (which is shorter travel time wise.)

    In short, after the bypass is done, Wilsonville Rd should be hard to find and renamed Sewer Sludge Dump Road to discourage out-of-towners from using it.

    Good day.


    The more bypasses the better. I say build it. And build more roads, the more the better. Goods and services will ALWAYS need to be conducted via transportation. Public transportation doesn’t cut it. The future is the Uber platform. MAX, trains, and buses are the past.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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