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    I am very sad to let everyone know that Bill Minckler passed away yesterday in Phoenix, from complications after surgery. Bill had been battling a recurrence of cancer after decades of remission.

    Details of a Portland memorial service will be posted at a later date.

    He will be so missed by everyone who worked with or ever hoisted a scotch with him.


    I’m sorry to hear that, even if I only “knew” him from here, condolences to all of his radio “family” and many friends here.


    Such a huge loss for the Portland radio family. Mink was such a mentor to so many of us. Condolences to his family.

    Steve Naganuma

    Very sad news. Condolences to Bill’s family. Please let us know the details of the memorial service.

    Cassidy’s downtown will never be the same. R.I.P. Bill.


    One of the great names of
    PDX radio.. Very sad to hear.

    Valerie ring

    The perfect boss, serious when he had to be, gentle when needed. I can’t believe my favorite radio mentor is gone. RIP Bill.

    R T Simpson

    A great radio person and a downright great human being! Bill and I first met while attending the University of Denver in the late Sixties. He was Charlie Weekly on KLZ-FM…a play on his weekend status. I so enjoyed his voice and presentation, I suggested to the PD of KTLK to hire Bill. From there he went on to bigger and better things, stopping in San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland and eventually landing in Phoenix at Star 97.5. I didn’t know he was back in my hometown of 29 years until I heard his unmistakable voice on the radio one day. We rekindled our friendship of 40+ years and made it a point to have lunch together once a month. Throughout his healthcare ups and downs, Bill never once complained and kept an upbeat attitude toward life. At our last lunch together in December, Bill confided that he gave up alcohol altogether – so I guess all the stories I’ve heard will remain in the past. My condolences to wife Kathy, his two sons, and his entire family. Thank you Bill for your friendship over so many years, and may you enjoy good health and great radio in your Eternal Life!



    On January 13, 1949 Willis McKinstry “Bill” Ross, Jr. was born at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Portland to Joan Jessie (Lundeen) and Willis McKinstry “Bill” Ross, Sr. Bill’s father was a well known Radio Personality, working as an announcer on KGW-KEX from 1935 to 1940. After WWII Bill was on KOIN in 1945 & KALE Program Director, 1946-47. He finished his carreer at KSLM 1952-58 when he died suddenly at age 48.

    In 1960 Bill Jr’s. mother Joan married Jeff Minckler and Bill became Willis Ross Minckler. Bill once told me how pleased he was, that he was able to work at KGW & KNX as his father once did. On February 6, 2015 Bill died at age 66 in Carefree, Arizona. Here is a very good listing of stations Bill was associated, from 440: Satisfaction with some additional added.

    Bill Minckler
    KLZ-FM [Denver] 1968 – Charlie Weaklie
    KASH [Eugene] 1971 – Bill Stevens
    KTLK [Denver] 1972 – Bill Willis
    KPAM [Portland] 1973
    KSJO [San Jose] 1974
    KZOK [Seattle] 1974
    KIMN [Denver] 1974 PD?
    KGB [San Diego] 1974
    KYA [San Francisco] 1977
    KINK [Portland] (Nov 1980 PD)
    KGW [Portland] (Nov 1981 PD)
    KYA [San Francisco] (by Aug 1984 PD)
    KNX-FM [Los Angeles] (June 1986 PD)
    KKCW [Portland] (July 1987 OM/PD)
    KKSN-FM [Portland] (July 2004 PD)
    KRZS [Phoenix] (Sept 2005 PD “The New Star 97.5” to Nov 2006)

    Steve Naganuma

    Here is an aircheck of Bill’s first show on KPAM 97.1FM (1973). Whenever I hear Bill’s voice, I still think of him as the voice of K103.

    [audio src="" /]


    There was a “Bill Stevens” at KISN. I always thought it was he.


    To put it mildly, I am stunned and horrified by the number of my friends, colleagues, school-mates, et al, who are not making it past their mid-sixties. And, here, still, am I. It doesn’t seem right or appropriate somehow.
    The passing of Bill Minckler is especially painful, as he was great, just great, in every regard, and had so much more to give.
    In addition to his exceptional talent and ability in all facets of broadcasting and his exceptional managerial prowess, he was a wonderful and unique person. No boss/supervisor was ever kinder or more supportive than Minck was to me, probably more than I deserved.
    Perhaps one or two other PDs came close, but there was only one Bill Minckler. What a marvelous, dry sense of humor he had, what a great attitude and approach to this crazy life and even crazier radio business.
    Thanks, Bill, for your faith in me, your guidance and your friendship.
    God Bless…RIP…
    ~the person formerly known as jeff Clarke (Richard Claar)

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