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    It’s been our sincere pleasure and truly a labor of love to bring you the good news of the Gospel of the Kingdom of Yeshua through Hebrew Nation Radio AM 1220 broadcast in the Salem, Oregon area for these past 9 years. We’ve done our best to provide you with timely teachings, prophetic insights, current unbiased news and honest opportunities to learn, grow, mature and help others to do the same.

    We’ve attempted to provide our people with learning opportunities at conferences such as Monte Judah, Rico Cortes, Bill Cloud and too many to name one by one. We have hosted specialty events such as “Shebrews Women in Torah” and “Aliyah Teen Camp”. We have also provided cultural opportunities at “He Brew’s Coffee & CafĂ©”, planning and prepping through the “Survive – Emergency Preparedness” store, First Day Market and more. Hebrew Nation hosted the very first community Sukkot where all other fellowships came together for the first time to celebrate this event and we continued in the spirit of unity, hosting many community feast days over the years, including Chanukkah, Purim, Pesach, Shavuot, Yom Teruah and more.

    The Hebrew Nation Bookstore’s vast selection of books, CD’s DVD’s, shofars, menorahs, etc. furnished the Salem mishpocah one-stop shopping for everything Hebrew for eight years, closing a year ago. Restoration Fellowship was the rock of unity in Salem for many years, it too closing more than a year ago. Our desire was to build community in the Salem area in dozens of different ways including joint services with other fellowships, feast gatherings, and so much more. Our heart has been to encouraged unity within the broad spectrum of those who claim both Messiah Yeshua and the Torah. The most amazing effort we made in this community was to develop Hebrew Nation Radio that has brought Torah teaching and Hebrew news and lifestyle programming to the Salem area via local AM 1220 for 24-hours a day, 365 days a year for over 9 years.

    During all of this time, while we worked tirelessly to serve our local mishpocah, we’ve been a target and have been attacked, criticized, and maligned, both personally as well as the ministry. Most of the attacks have come from the very people we have financially supported with our personal and ministry resources. The very ones we have funded to move to Salem and live in our community, or to change their Christian fellowship to a Torah-based, Sabbath fellowship or the ones whose pews are now filled with those that have crossed over due to the broadcast of HNR locally. We have supported a number of fellow ministries and individuals who have not only not reciprocated, but continue to be the direct cause of strife and ongoing division in the Salem area, resulting in the lack of support and adequate resources to support the ministry of HNR via the on-air radio of KPJC AM 1220.

    We know that HNR has produced an amazing amount of fruit over the years, with many relationships having birthed from listeners who have come into their Hebrew heritage as HNR listeners. There are many HNR listeners who are parents raising their children with other HNR listener’s children. There are many young adults enjoying friendships due to HNR, some dating, others engaged. There are marriages between HNR listeners, roommates between HNR listeners and so much more. We are proud of the massive amount of fruit to be seen to this day that will carry on for many years and generations to come.

    We have slowly closed one effort after another from lack of community support. All of the things that we have developed with you in mind, are no longer available, with the exception of Hebrew Nation Radio.

    It is a sad day for us to now announce, that due to insufficient support from several of the local Salem leaders and most of the Salem area listeners, that on approximately September 19, 2016, Hebrew Nation Radio will no longer be heard on the local radio dial at AM 1220. It CAN STILL BE HEARD in the manner the rest of the world listens to HNR via one of the following mediums:
    Live streaming from
    2. By calling the listen line from any phone at 605-477-2884

    3. Through podcast subscription

    4. By listening to Tune-In Radio on your cell phone

    5. Through a NetCasters signal in your neighborhood (

    There are now 6 Net-Casters around the U.S.

    IF YOU WANT HEBREW NATION RADIO TO CONTINUE via internet, phone, etc. as described directly above, this is your notice to be generous and to be consistent in your giving to keep it on the air. Salem area listeners were alerted that donations/tithes were not being received in sufficient amounts to keep HNR on the air and subsequently HNR local AM broadcast in Salem will be no longer. Unfortunately, the same is now true for Hebrew Nation Radio’s other listening opportunities. We’ve used all of our personal, family and possible resources. Now it is up to you. We had a successful fundraiser early this year to help us catch up but we have once again fallen behind.

    KPJC AM 1220 will remain on the air in the Salem area as Relevant News Talk Radio and will become a commercial station where secular and Christian listeners can also tune in to enjoy Conservative Talk News Radio featuring Sean Hannity, Michael Savage, Alex Jones, Mike Gallagher, Larry Elder, Josh Tolley and many other features including cooking, camping, outdoor living, and opportunities to learn and apply Biblical lessons to our lives. We expect to attract local business advertisers to sponsor these programs.

    We want to thank those who have remained faithful to the ministry of HNR. We love and appreciate you and are thankful for your friendship, your love and your support. Those that have stood with us and defended us while we have been under attack. For those that have faithfully given to HNR and to those that have prayed for us over the years. We ask that you continue to pray for us and to support the remaining HNR services. To date, there is no other radio ministry that provides the enormous selection of Torah teachers, both live and prerecorded. We are very proud of the programming we have put together over the years, delivered 24-hours a day, 365 days of the year.

    We thank you for your help and support for Hebrew Nation Radio online and encourage you to listen to and patronize the sponsors of the new Relevant News Talk Radio, which hopefully will help to support the ministry of Hebrew Nation Radio.

    Gratefully in the service of King Yeshua,

    Don & Cindy Wyant
    Co-founders, Hebrew Nation Radio

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