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    Costa and Portland don’t seem like exactly the perfect match.


    This from All Access:

    KXTG (102.9/750 The Game)/Portland Teams Justin Myers And DeVon Pouncey For Middays

    ALPHA MEDIA Sports KXTG (102.9/750 THE GAME)/PORTLAND afternoon host JUSTIN MYERS will team up with former PACIFIC UNIVERSITY basketball star DeVON POUNCEY for a live and local show, airing weekdays starting MONDAY, JUNE 5th, 9a to 12p (PT).

    MYERS began his radio career in 2004 hosting a local sports talk show and covering UNIV. OF OREGON football and basketball. In 2014, he moved to 710 ESPN in SEATTLE to do middays and host the MARINERS pre/post-game show.

    During his time at PACIFIC, POUNCEY was a Production team intern for 102.9/750 THE GAME’s “The Bald Faced Truth” show. In addition, he produced and hosted an on-campus radio show called “Vibin With POUNCE” on BOXER RADIO. He currently hosts a weekly podcast titled “Wake Up and Win with DeVON POUNCEY.”

    “ALPHA MEDIA has shown once again that it believes in being live and local and is committed to winning across the country,” ALPHA MEDIA/ PORTLAND OM BRUCE COLLINS said, MYERS’ former partner, CHOP, will remain with the station as APD and Exec. Producer of the new DINO COSTA afternoon show.


    After reading through this thread again, IMO there is about a 99% chance “The Krays” is Costa. Well played…


    KFXX has been winning largely because they have made a focus to go more live and local. Their only slot that is syndicated during the week is Colin; people pop-pop Isaac and Suke, but they’ve owned that time slot for a decade.


    Wow. Just wow.
    Among the four PDX metro majors, Alpha Media – Portland is the most ‘local’ radio broadcaster. There are other fine local rad station in the market (KUIK_AM for example), but Alpha ownership and management live in today’s world. Hiring a flame thrower attracts attention and creates excitement. Y’all are talkin’ about it. Don’t know if Costa is ‘local’ or is still satellite from far away. KWEE-FM has more local content although the two ‘live’ shows are from New York City.
    I like Alpha Media. They do ‘old time radio’ better than anyone else in the market. KINK-FM made changes too. All this is a big gamble. We’ll see if 750 “The Game’ makes money again.


    Costa is indeed a gamble. He gets jobs over and over after being fired over and over. It is unknown if Costa will be truely local. Not sure it even is important in today’s day and age. However, some of us traditionalists would like our radio hosts to experience our local atmosphere. Unfortunately, this seems to be less important to major radio companies today. Perhaps The Krays can chime in about this, but I doubt it.


    That escalated quickly…

    Looks like I can cash that ticket for the under Brent….buh-bye…

    Costa is getting vilified on social media for his views on Homosexuality and Women in Sports Broadcasting (well…women in general) and is apparently stating he has a “big” announcement today on his “show”…to declare he is leaving for a “better opportunity” outside of radio. And if his history is any indication, he’ll likely make the case he is doing this on his terms, and that it’s “better this way”..somehow trying to become a victim as a result of the brutal onslaught from listeners.

    From what I understand of the people who did try and listen to his “show”, he spent more time arguing with callers than displaying any tolerance for other’s opinions.

    So much for taking over Portland Sports radio. My only question is: Is there going to be any management fallout (i.e. PD head roll…) over this? Especially on the day a new ratings book is released and KTXG’s numbers (12+) have been tanking?


    …or this could be the ‘ol “I’M STAYING…DEAL WITH IT…” and generates people talking about him…like I’m doing right now…


    My guess is that Costa figures getting fired in Portland will be a big win for him and make him more marketable elsewhere. How else could you figure dragging the station’s main asset, the Portland Timbers, into and LGBT controversy during Pride Month is a good idea?


    So what was his big announcement? If anything like most of these teasers, it was lacking in anything that important.

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