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    Little birdy just whistled in my ear. Told that Alpha is not close to being content at being an also-ran in the sports radio wars here in Stump Town. Big change is coming and it has nothing to do with Canzano who will stay seated.


    Not surprised. They just started syndicating Canzano. He’s on 1050 in Eugene, too.


    It’s about time that we have some radio excitement around here.

    Andy Brown

    Hardly exciting. Alpha is on the road to hell, paved by Chump Channel’s pending bankruptcy filing. The notion of a ‘media empire’ being both successful and long lived is mutually exclusive. Ask RCA.


    What? You going Kray-Kray with that response. Alpha is not only making money but they’re also in acquisition mode and buying more stations.

    Andy Brown

    “acquisition mode”

    Like I said, the road to hell. buy buy buy – automate – fire people – ask iHeart where that leads to.

    “making money”

    When you make money by eliminating jobs, watering down the localism of the product and removing creativity you are not successful. You are helping to reconfigure the industry and the economy to serve only the wealthy, big corporations at the expense of normal folks. This is not to be applauded it is to be derided. Alpha is just another undertaker collecting dead radio licenses.


    With all due respect to you I have to disagree.

    Alpha, from what I know, is an extremely well run company.

    From what I have heard there will be no layoffs with the impending moves they have scheduled, on the contrary, they are adding salary.

    Andy Brown

    Corporate Kool Aid p.r. is never even close to reality. Whoever you are, we here at PDXRadio have been following more then P.R. nonsense coming from the liars in broadcast management. I suggest you temper your zeal about what the corporate buffoons issue in public relations releases and find out what employees are saying.

    For example, this excerpt from Glassdoor is dated Feb 17, 2017:

    I have been working at Alpha Media USA full-time

    In the individual markets there are some amazing and great people to work with. The atmosphere is great for the most part in the various markets.
    The problem is all of the threats from Portland about layoffs. Corporate thinks everything is great because they REFUSE to listen to employees in the markets. And if a market employee complains, they are fired or threatened.
    Advice to Management
    Corporate needs to stop thinking every idea they have is great because it works in Portland. And start listening to other market employees without firing them or threatening their jobs. And fulfill your promise that you pay well for the best people, because that’s a lie. Your market pay is typically the LOWEST in the industry.

    Another Glassdoor comment from February 2017:

    “Poor training, high turnover, unclear expectations. Micromanagement from top down makes it difficult to have the freedom needed to generate sales.”

    So again, when you build a fiscal “success” on the backs of the people that made broadcasting what it once was, it’s reprehensible. It is not a well run company if it is run anywhere close to what an active employee was brave enough to post on line and let me tell you Kray, there is PLENTY more like that on the internet. Also, I’ve spoken with Alpha employees and your praise of these guys is heavily misplaced unless you are one of the management bozos yourself or have been directed to post in this forum by them to generate some chatter (unlikely but it’s happened here before). Just a word to the wise, around here no corporate b.s. will fly. Many of us are broadcast veterans and probably know a lot more about the business, where it once was and where it is now, then you do even if you are an Alpha employee. They are just another slash and burn Clear Channel wannabe outfit and seem to be blind about the failure of the iHeart model which is what they aspire to.

    Have a good day.


    Alpha also recently hired Lisa Decker from Seattle who was the queen of the chopping block at CC/IheartSEA.

    Good luck to anyone who works for her… and right now… update your resume!

    Andy Brown

    Lisa “Boom Boom” Decker? Wow. I remember her when she came to work for Vic Ives at Magic 107. It was one of her first broadcast sales jobs. It was before she went to KINK and started moving up in the ranks eventually to GSM. She was a nice gal back then at KMJK (1984). But after a long career in radio sales at this point there probably isn’t much hope for her still being ‘nice.’


    The problem I have with “the game’ is that they’ve become a Seattle orientated station. Seahawks, Mariners, The morning talk show from KIRO. I can sure see why they aren’t the #1 sports station in PDX.


    Agreed completely on the Seattle part.

    Seems like a hit and hatchet job on behalf of some in regard to Alpha and their executives.

    Give me all the Glass Houses you want to because I’m certain reviews on thousands of companies read similar.

    With what I know and what I have heard I applaud Alpha for making some of the moves they’ll be making.

    Now if they can only recognize that nobody gives a hot hoot about Seattle.


    Big corprate types will find a way. To Regionalize Radio in the Pacific Northwest. At somepoint everything will be hubed out of Seattle.


    Change 1029 to a rock station, something the Portland market needs. Any rock station that has a decent playlist would destroy 1059 The Brew. They are a sad excuse of a rock station. Bring a real rock station to Portland, he’ll, a syndicated Seattle rock station would be better programmed and more enjoyable to listen to than the stale/ moldy playlist the brew offers.


    “Now if they can only recognize that nobody gives a hot hoot about Seattle.”

    I posted months ago I didn’t think the KIRO-AM morning show out of Seattle would last. I will hold to that prediction. And Brock and Salk have done very little to include Portland sports. Let me rephrase that, actually nothing. The John Clayton Show, which airs from 10 to noon on KIRO AM would be a better fit for The Game.

    That being said, there is an argument that Seattle sports, especially Seahawks and Mariners do have fans in the Portland metro. Keep in mind Vancouver, WA makes up about 20% of the Portland metro population. Also remember that there are many Portland fans that travel north to Hawks and M’s games.

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