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    I have been somewhat surprised that we haven’t discussed one of the hottest topics currently. Seems politics runs this place during election season.

    Joe Biden penned a wonderful response to the Stanford woman student who was raped by Brock Turner.

    This entire case hits hard for our family as I shared with this community the rape of our daughter during her senior year in college. The similarities to this case and ours is uncanny.

    I’m deeply grateful to Joe Biden for speaking out in such a public way.


    I agree, Chris.

    Trying to figure the national/cable media is fruitless. They live by their own rules, whether they make sense or not.

    But I agree this is an important topic. Sexual Assault and Rape are apparently different charges, though I don’t understand why. The Stanford story is being categorized as “Sexual Assault”, not “Rape”. As far as I can understand this is why there was not a big jail term.

    But the underlying problem here is a well-to-do student getting a lenient term. Why does that happen? If it were a poor student or a minority student that probably would not be the case. But how many poor or minority students actually attend Stanford? Just asking.

    The Dad made a crazy statement, but he is not part of the case.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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