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    I think it’s going to be Kamala Harris. And if it is, all the ass-hurt Bernie Bots will complain on Twitter but in reality they no longer matter.


    I think this is a strong choice. However I don’t know if this will be the final choice.

    I tend to believe the next vp may eventually be the President.

    That said, the fact that Biden is leading in the polls is no guarantee. Clinton led at this time four years ago. I don’t trust these polls.


    I think it will be Harris, too. Biden has great respect for the Senate, having served there for so long. Harris ran a disappointing presidential campaign, after launching one with such high expectations. Her campaign speeches were devoid of imagination, filled with uninspiring cliches. But she also sometimes showed toughness in other situations e.g. when questioning witnesses in Senate hearings and in some of her debate performances.

    Biden would be elected in a landslide if the election were held tomorrow. But it won’t be held tomorrow. Biden is much further ahead of Trump now than Clinton was at this point in 2016, but things can change a lot in a few months… just like I’ve been saying for months, when some of you guaranteed Trump would be re-elected no matter what. I make not guarantees about November, even though it’s looking pretty good for Biden right now.


    I was rooting for Warren, because I like her policy chops and the energy she brings, but yet another old white person in the WH isn’t what we need right now. But she would be a good person to have in the Senate as well, especially if (optimistically) the Dems were to regain the majority.

    I’ve always liked Harris too, and she would be my second choice for VP. With the renewed attention to BLM and social equity, I think now she is solidifying as Biden’s first choice.

    Deane Johnson

    Selection of Warren as VP would guarantee my vote for Trump, no matter what he does between now and November. She’s a radical socialist that I would find totally unaceptable no matter what.

    I don’t care for Harris, or anyone else from California, but she wouldn’t necessarily be a deal breaker.

    We’re in for a lot of activity between now and November. Trump could figure out some magic to pull (probably not), or he could decide to take his marbles and leave, announcing he’s not a candidate for the nomination after all. In that case, I would certainly hope Pence doesn’t think he has a chance of being elected. John Kasich, where are you?

    Andy Brown

    Kasich is 68 and would be only 72 in ’24. Right now, I don’t see any sane Republican trying to step up if the orange one doesn’t run. The ebb tide in ’20 is going to leave a lot of Republican debris washed up on the beach. Who would want to rule when both parties of Congress are held by the other party, which is looking more and more like what’s going to happen.

    I’ve said it before. The anti-incumbent momentum is currently huge and I don’t see that changing anytime between now and the election. Why not? Because of Mitch McConnell sticking to his agenda, not anyone else’s. People are voting against the last four years, and although there are a handful of real dogs in the GOP Senate that may lose their seat, even passing another round of direct bribes (payments) to the American public isn’t going to change any minds. The right wing core has shrunken down as the POTUS approval rating has fallen significantly. It’s not going to require a huge wave for Dems to take the Senate, just a few key races that are toss ups (and holding the others). Nope, not a very inviting landscape for a Republican trying to beat all those anti-Trump anti-Republican voters. It’s way too late from a strategy standpoint for a GOP’r to run an “I’m not Trump” campaign.

    Deane Johnson

    Andy B, I wish you were wrong, but I can’t disagree with most of the view point you have presented.


    Deane, I don’t see Trump simply refusing the nomination, because his ego couldn’t tolerate being a lame duck through January 20. If he decides to not run, it will be a resignation, and he’ll leave the GOP with an election mess to clean up heading into November.

    That all said, I think Trump will go the distance, lose, then the rest of his days will be spent on a nonstop grievance tour, while making a merchandising fortune off his acolytes. Because being a failed presidential candidate was what he really wanted all along; actually being president is hard, dontchaknow.

    Deane Johnson

    Trying to predict Trump is a tough challenge. Historically, he’s pulled himself out of a lot of low points in his life. However, politics are a whole different breed of cat so there’s actually not much of anything to go by.

    I think he’s personally at a significant low point right now. That’s pretty obvious.

    The thing that’s having the greatest effect on the election, IMO, is the virus. He’s handled that extremely poorly and not adjusting his approach. It’s probably too late anyway.

    There is so much going on that it’s impossible to map the pathway into the future at this time. Let’s not forget that the Democrats aren’t totally enamored with Biden, they’re mostly distressed with Trump and want him out of the way no matter what. That’s different than being gung-ho for someone.

    Being POTUS these days takes a super performer, and there just aren’t any in either political persuassion any longer. Politics in the U.S. have lost their way. Worthwhile people won’t dirty their hands with it.


    Trump’s election surprised lots of people – even many of his supporters, I would guess. But those who thought the worst of him (and saw many of their concerns realized) don’t want to take any chance of alienating anyone who are looking for an acceptable non-Trump candidate. Enter Biden. He’s not a strong candidate, but he’s also not a weak one. He brings almost no controversy to his candidacy, and he’s been a public figure his whole adult life. That’s why Trump got super desperate and tried clumsily to drum up a Burisma controversy to smear Biden with; when your winning strategy is crossing your fingers that the stock market stays strong and that the president of Ukraine will back up your conspiracy theories, you’re running on fumes. And now Trump has neither.

    Andy Brown

    Time is not Trump’s friend at this point.

    Holding those rallies was a huge mistake, but when you run on pure ego and are incapable of even an ounce of humility, and your hand picked staff won’t/can’t stop you, it’s not going to end well. The numbers of people getting sick are climbing rapidly and especially in OK. and AZ over the next 10 days those numbers are not going to abate.

    “Many narcissists are oblivious to their negative and often self-destructive behavioral patterns.”

    So it’s going to be back to school with masks on the kids and once again, the POTUS has yet to embrace wearing one and (I think) there’s been a point of no return on that mistake so switching now would alienate some of his base and return very little that is positive for his campaign. He’s not ever going to come out and say he was wrong, more likely blame it on Obama.

    Even Faux news has distanced themselves to a degree. To me, that speaks volumes.

    Deane Johnson

    As a Conservative, I can’t disagree with much of anything you guys are saying. That’s a terrible position to be in.

    As the old saying goes “there’s nothing harder to stop than a trend”.


    With the news breaking about his knowing about the alleged bounty on US soldiers in Afghanistan, if it gains any media traction and if it is proven not only accurate and that he was briefed about it in March, this could be the story that really does alienate him from his base. To think that he did not do anything while our soldiers were targeted for $ while he supplied Russia with ventilators and PPE instead of imposing some kind of sanctions or retaliation it may be the straw that broke the trumper’s back.


    Deane, while I disagree with you politically, I salute you for actually engaging in some honest debate here. I find it fascinating, though not at all surprising, now that things are looking bleak, suddenly all of the crowing Trumpie voices on this forum have magically disappeared.

    If Warren is a radical socialist then so was FDR. But then there were lots of folks calling him that then, so…


    Whether he was briefed on the Russian bounty thing, or wasn’t briefed, it’s an epic fail by him and his hand picked team of morons. I’m sure he was briefed though and hopefully a paper trail will emerge proving it.

    If he had an ounce of smarts he’d say “No but I should have been and I’m going to find out why I wasn’t and take action to make sure it doesn’t happen again.”

    Of course he was briefed. Perhaps he was distracted while twatting lies during the briefing or watching Fox News or thinking about playing golf, so it didn’t register.


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