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    I definitely am feeling better about Biden today. I still am concerned that many Trump supporters are not making themselves known to pollers just like ‘16. However the state by state math looks decent for Biden/Harris. I have gone from about 55 percent likely for Biden to 60 percent. But those odds don’t mean much still two and a half months out.

    Protest or non votes from some are only hurting the mission to rid us of Trump.

    This will be my last post on the election. Now I will just watch and listen.

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    I’ve thrown in the towel regarding following the narrative of the “new kid on the block” proving the old guard wrong. When I was a senior in high school, our U.S. Government teacher used the three way race then taking place between Bush, Clinton, and Perot to explain to students that the U.S. political system favors the status quo. Outsiders and “mavericks” like Perot don’t matter. I foolishly chose not to listen.

    In my early 30s, I became involved with a minor political party. A small subset of the people I met there were interested in influencing policy through local government. More of them seemed to be interested in getting themselves in the Voters’ Pamphlet, in the media, and in giving voters an opportunity to cast a protest vote. In retrospect, the time and money that I spent there might have been better used.

    My high school government teacher ended up being wrong in 2008 and 2016. The 2008 election of Barak Obama was something that she had said couldn’t happen (she had stated in class that even at the start of the 1990s, most voters still expected the President to be an older Caucasian man with an Anglo-Saxon name). To be clear, I think that most of the American public saw the results of the 2008 election as a symbolic victory for increased tolerance and inclusivity in American society. As much as I think that my high school government teacher tried to deliver her lesson in an impartial, academic way, I had a strong suspicion that she was deeply disappointed that such a level of racism and sexism could persist in the supposedly-enlightened late 20th century.

    2016 brought in a political outsider. I did not vote for Trump, but the lesson that I have learned the hard way is, stick with serious ideas that have a good probability of working. This applies to voting, as well as other areas of life.


    I wonder if Mother will allow the VP to debate a woman?


    Pence will be required by his wife to take a cold shower immediately before and after the debate. The secret service will have to shower with him.

    Deane Johnson

    Well, Biden just solved my problem of who to vote for.

    Jeffrey Kopp

    You mean you’ll vote for him now that he didn’t choose Elizabeth Warren?


    I guess Biden will lose Nebraska for sure now LOL!

    Deane Johnson

    That would be a good guess Jeffrey, but Harris was the other one I had previously stated would be a deal killer. An obnoxious California extreme liberal won’t work for me.

    Looking at it strictly from Biden’s viewpoint, she probably makes sense. A white haired aging neverwas needs an aggressive outspoken partner.

    I dread the debates between Pence and Harris. Not for me to watch. She’ll be standing there with a toothpick, picking her teeth as she glares at him.

    There’s still a lot of water to flow over the dam between now and election day, but it’s over for me.


    So Harris is not radically liberal enough for KSKD, yet she’s too radically left for Deanne?

    Which is it then?

    Harris will eat Pence’s lunch at a debate. If Mother allows him to be on stage at the same time with a woman.


    I just don’t get the logic behind “If I can’t have EXACTLY what I want, RIGHT NOW, I refuse to participate. Revolution not evolution.”

    Good luck with that.


    So, Missing and Deane are two sides of the same coin. They can’t have it their precise way so they won’t be budged from the political positions they staked out a year ago.

    If we wanted to think about who actually matters, and who will decide this race we have to find out what those who are NOT regular posters are thinking.

    Taking the readers of this forum as a micro slice of the voting public I wonder if Dan has statistics of the ratio of regular posters to regular readers who do not post. These people are the people whose opinions and reactions to the choice this November matter.

    Missing and Deane? Meh.



    Its pretty astounding that anyone would now choose to cast a ballot for trump given his completely blatant effort to undermine the voting process, one of the basic tenets of our democracy. He is working to subvert the voting process only because he knows he cannot win fair and square. He has all but admitted it. Whether you’re a Bernie supporter to the core or you disagree with Biden’s VP pick, the basic act trump is attempting to pull off should be enough on its face to be very concerned about the direction he is taking the country.

    The election rigging effort is on top of his catastrophic handling of the corona virus. At this point that he even has a remote chance of re-election is astonishing and dumbfounding. He called for Obama’s resignation after only a single person died of Ebola in 2014. He thinks allowing over 160,000 to perish now is an amazing job by his administration.

    Anyone that can muster the rationale to vote for him now shares the blood on his hands from all the fellow countrymen we have lost during the pandemic.

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    Deane Johnson

    The difference between Trump and other candidates attempting to influence the outcome is that he doesn’t bother hiding what he does.

    Ever wonder why the Biden effort is so hot on mail in ballots? Talk about a way to control things when no one is looking?

    Jeffrey Kopp

    I’ve said it before: Trump is a liar, a cheat, a bully and a fraud.


    Deane: “Ever wonder why the Biden effort is so hot on mail in ballots?”

    Because…he wants American voters to be able to vote safely during a pandemic?

    Because Trump is trying to delegitimize voting by mail? (except in Florida, because, he says, Florida has a Republican governor, so vote by mail works great there, but in states controlled by Democrats, it’s all fraudulent.) Has his new postmaster general is trying to do things like increase the postage cost for mail-in ballots conveniently right before the 2020 election?

    “Talk about a way to control things when no one is looking?”

    Presumably, you’d prefer fewer people vote, because you know that with lower voter turn-out, Republicans tend to do better.

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