BIDEN floating idea of Republican VP?

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    (somehow this got dropped, out of order, sorry)

    I will NOT vote for a candidate in the primary OR the general election that runs on a platform to take away my private health insurance.

    And see, “fuck them.” Just like I said Vitalogy.

    What you will get is BETTER insurance, not to mention saving the nation TRILLIONS over the next decade. So will a lot of other people. Have you seen this graph?

    See where we are? Completely unacceptable. Not sustainable at all.

    You keeping your insurance is bankrupting 500k or so per year, and 45k per year dying due to lack of coverage and other health care expense related issues. At least 100 million are terribly uninsured, which is why we have the declining outcomes and growing number of dead and bankrupt people every year.

    And whatever you have is unlikely to be as comprehensive as the M4A effort intends, and is extremely likely to dilute over time too, probably already has.

    You may be insulated from that, but whoever employs you isn’t.

    I know, I wrote those checks for a while. Crazy. Insane increases, hard to even keep same coverage. For big, major league employers, this is quite painful. For smaller ones? Absolutely brutal and getting worse very rapidly.

    If you want to say no to M4A, please do.

    The numbers are there to make it happen anyway. I’m quite happy to help it all along and get those numbers, from the people onboard.

    We can discuss whether it’s good or bad later.

    But, there is a cost for all that, and the cost is your negative judgement of me having ZERO impact. Just fair play. Remember, you yourself opened that door.


    Bernie is a side show. Not a legitimate NATIONAL candidate.

    I used to like him back in the early 2000’s when he appeared on Bill Maher’s show.

    If you liked Bernie AT ALL, then there is no reason at all to not like him right now, today. He’s the most consistent politician alive and in office today. Nothing has changed, other than his call for more help to advance strong, long overdue, policy ideas.

    That’s the part you don’t like very much. People got tired of asking and have started doing.

    I don’t think you like Democracy very much. You don’t appear to understand it very well.

    And this:

    Remind me again which side you are on? Russia? Trump?

    You really gotta up your game man. That’s old news. And, just so you are in the know, “russia” is the very first thing Clinton type Dems say when they don’t have answers, ending up in a sort of frothy rage playing her “blame everyone else” game.

    Here, give this a listen. It’s a GREAT podcast. Speaks right to the dynamics we are struggling with today:

    When you are done, this will make some sense:

    Clinton didn’t even go for the “win-win” in her pitch for POTUS. Didn’t do the work.

    And if you don’t get there?

    We can try again another day.

    Just remember, there isn’t a damn thing you can say to even move the needle. I’m quite happy to discuss great policy and how we can motivate voters for the win.

    That’s the only conversation that makes any sense right now too.

    Fear, blame and shame?

    Laughable. Go ahead. Laugh! I am.



    Got any reasonable “is fringe” metric that says otherwise?

    Unless you do, that’s just tacit admission you have no real solid rebuttal.

    That makes your post as valid as the “Bernie makes my skin crawl” woman, who tried that on national TV a while back.

    Ultra weak sauce.

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