BIDEN floating idea of Republican VP?

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    I dropped this on the other thread, but feel it’s worthy of it’s own.


    Is he high? Lost another marble? No way! Not on board. Admittedly, he’s an ultra hard sell for me. And yeah, that’s my bias showing clear.

    —>honestly, I could be convinced to vote for him, but now? I’m kind of stunned.

    Your thoughts?


    UNITY ticket, no malarky!

    Any of you seriously questioning the fault lines I’ve painfully outlined here over the last bit of time…


    Yeah, it’s class. Straight up. Establishment vs progressives.

    One could express it this way too, say neoliberal + neoconservatives = realization they are on the same side where favoring big money politics are concerned = uniparty, economically.

    We do live in very interesting times! Buckle up. 2020 is going to be bat shit crazy good! (outcome may not be, but if you like politics, right now we’ve got GREAT politics happening)


    If Biden becomes the nominee and does such a thing I’m not sure how I’ll vote. But if he did such a thing, I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t be the nominee.


    One question comes to mind:

    Do the party leaders hate Bernie more than they hate the idea of Biden running a GOP unity campaign?


    I am a Democrat, but depending on who Biden would pick. There are a very few out there I may consider and those would have to be a moderate. No right winger for me. Maybe he feels he will get more of the GOP vote, the ones that do not like Trump. Has it ever been done before? Add to that, if Biden was to die in office, we would end up with another Republican though. But it is an interesting thought, but would the Democrats go along with it? We saw what happened with Bernie in the last election.

    Andy Brown

    He is just playing drumpf’s own game and he is beating him at it.

    1 He’s never going to do that
    2 It surely is the story of the day. Both sides are talking about Joe Biden.

    3 This is how you beat drumpf. Denying as much media attention as possible will force drumpf to (among other things) tweet storm which can often hurt the orange turd more than help.

    4 If you really take this trial balloon seriously, my advice to you is don’t 🧐


    Saw what happened with Clinton last election you mean?

    Bernie did not lose to Trump.

    It is very hard to take Biden seriously.


    No, Biden didn’t “float the idea of a Republican VP.” Someone asked him a question at an event – would he consider a Republican VP? Yes, he would CONSIDER IT. Which is completely non-committal and meaningless. This is just Biden being open-minded, not rigid, unwilling to be a blind partisan hater of Republicans. Anyone who has followed Biden for a while without being poised to hate him would understand his response and not worry about it.

    In any event, it’s a complete non-issue. The presidential nominee does not APPOINT the VP nominee – the presidential nominee chooses someone and the CONVENTION delegates much approve the VP nominee. The delegates would never support it.


    Yep, this is a decoy. However, jockeying positions of the racecars is not a bad move at this point. I think we are in for an interesting political battle heading into ’20.


    Here’s the deal: the progressive base is finite and has largely figured out who they will support in the primary. If he can pull more never Trumpers over from the Rs to support him during the primaries – they won’t have to worry about choosing between Trump and Sanders or Warren.
    As vocal as the progressive base is – the nomination will be decided in the red states and the states with more moderate Dems and non-white Dems and Super Tuesday is full of those states.
    Also, he said Republican, not current Republican legislator.


    No, it’s still three months away so it can’t be that! 🙂


    If Biden knew what was good for him, he would have said no, run down the issues and take the conversation to a good place.

    This was amateur hour. Lame.


    Bernie did not lose to Thump, the Democrat’s threw him under the bus.


    DanOregon has two good points.

    The progressive left “the loonies like KSKD” are finite, yet loud. They are a minority of the party and even further a minority overall.

    And, the nomination will indeed take place in red states.

    Democrats need to take back MI, WI, and PA. And if your platform is taking away your private health insurance, that’s not going to fly.


    “Bernie did not lose to Thump, the Democrat’s threw him under the bus.”

    More alternative facts.

    Bernie lost to Hillary by a pretty good clip.

    Hillary had 3 million more votes than Trump but lost the EC vote.

    Given the fact that Hillary beat Bernie and Trump beat Hillary in what world do you live in to think Bernie “would have” beat Trump?

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