Bias from the Bottom

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    I share this link because I believe it belongs within our conversation concerning what we are seeing with the impending inauguration of Donald Trump.

    Fr. Richard Rohr, will probably not speak for some of you, however, it’s his perspective that certainly resonates with me in how I have seen scripture used to justify political gain. If there is one thing I’ve learned from these past few years is how horribly wrong we in the west have misguided views of the bible. Fr. Richard gives some needed perspective for all of us.

    I’d be interested in your feedback, even those of you who share no faith. Also, no one has to convince me of what you believe or don’t believe, that is not what I am looking for, because I know pretty much where everyone stands.

    Here was today’s devotional from Fr. Richard Rohr.

    Andy Brown

    Indicative and supportive of the notion that bacon and his ilk are wanting us to live in the 18th century, as he/they see themselves as an “oppressed minority” to this day. Furthermore, it is clear that while playing the “under” “lesser” “bottom” and “oppressed minority” card in the 21st century, the real underpinnings of the bible thumping right wing in American politics is trying to preserve their “empire” which does not now nor did it ever exist since the Roman experiment failed so long ago.

    There is no strikingly new facts or opinions in this piece which I largely agree with but it’s just not new news to me. It’s like the whole right wing support of Israel thing. It’s about politicians not wanting to alienate the large voting block of Christian conservatives that see the survival of Israel as necessary to the Second Coming and therefore imperative even though those Hebrews that don’t convert would be killed. Their support has nothing, repeat nothing, to do with Judaism or Israel, the geopolitical state.


    Great points, Andy.

    Yeah, I figured this was nothing new for a you, but it bears repeating to those who fail to view history with the proper lens.


    I don’t have a lot more to add than what Andy already shared. I have the same general reaction to reading that piece.

    The form of Christianity that Jesus taught is utter anathema to the concepts of both nationalization and politicization. As a champion of the poor, the downtrodden, the marginalized, and the left behind I suspect he’d find the Ayn Randian vein of neo-conservatism that’s championed by the very wealthy and very powerful members of a certain political party to be deeply troubling. To say nothing of the unquestioning dullards who have bought into this nonsense at the expense of the personal well-being of themselves and their family members. (To say nothing of *other* people whom they do not know and do not share a personal belief system with. Ah, empathy! An unknown concept to a great number of folks.)

    Putting aside for a moment there’s doubt as to the historical veracity of such a personage, (or at the least there’s greater evidence of a historical personage; while the biblical construct is likely largely fictional) I suspect the J man would have some stern words with a great number of his followers if he were around.

    Speaking both contemporarily as well as historically, there has been (and continues to be) so much objective harm done in the name of organized religion that I’ve been both morally and ethically opposed to such institutions from a relatively young age. That said, I have a fairly Libertarian view on such matters that mirrors the Hippocratic Oath. Adhere to that, and leave the rest of us alone that want nothing to do with your religiosity, and we’ll all get along.

    That, of course, is the crux of every religious conflict known to mankind since such things were made up in the first place. (No! I’m right! No, I am! Fuck you! No, fuck you! Where’s my club?) All of which have been vastly stupid and utterly pointless.

    I’d like to remove the tax exempt status from every one of them here in the United States. It would be a good, first step in reigning in both the loony, though perhaps well meaning, as well as the ethically bankrupt whom cynical utilize such people for their own ends.

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