Beto O'Rourke blames Trump for El Paso

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    This just happened on CNN, so I don’t have a link but this Texas Presidential democrat candidate who comes from El Paso says Trump is to blame for the El Paso massacre today. I tend to agree, as the evidence is this is a hate crime against Hispanics.


    There’s just nothing new left to be said about our POS POTUS and his extremely reckless behavior.


    Good move for Bozo O’Rourke. Being the first of the Democratic presidential contenders to exploit this tragedy might give him the boost he desperately needs.

    I not only blame drumpf for this shooting, but also for all the mass shootings that occurred during his tenure and the many that happened under Obama as well. I also blame him for the boil on my ass. I didn’t have it before Trump came along. The fact that he even exists brings much evil, crime and violence into our otherwise peaceful culture (and to you pro-birthers, no it’s not “violence” that we kill millions and millions of unborn babies–that’s a sacred right and the killing is done safely and without guns).

    Drumpf will soon be run out of office anyway, thanks to the great work by Mueller and his team. The charge of “not exonerated” carries much weight in the legal realm, and I expect we’ll see drumpf in a suit that will match his color any day now.

    That Latinos and people of color have the best employment figures ever is just a smokescreen. We all know that drumpf intends to use these improvements in their lives and the lives of so many to some sort of evil end. Maybe so he can sell them and the rest of us into slavery under Russia and Putin?! I wouldn’t put it past him.

    Meanwhile, I’m going back to enjoying the great economy while it lasts. With my extra cash, I’m stocking up provisions and building a compound, and I’ll be ready when the sky falls.


    Anyone remember the John Carpenter movie “They Live”?

    A drifter discovers a pair of sunglasses that allow him to wake up to the fact that aliens have taken over the Earth.


    I watched They Live over the weekend. So relevant today.

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