Besides Donald and Hillary is there anything else being discussed in here? forums forums Politics and other things Besides Donald and Hillary is there anything else being discussed in here?

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    Here’s where I disagree with Brian, who I met at PDX, and think is a very nice guy and not at all like what I expected.

    It’s a big mistake to let members of a board control a board. An objective controlling force is needed and if there is none, there will always be personality types who will fill the vacuum and make themselves self-appointed board bosses. And these types often have no self-restraint or any guilt whatsoever about making vicious personal attacks which are used as a means to get whatever it is that abusive people get out of demeaning others, but also as a means to shape the board in their own image and drive away those who they don’t want to play in the same sandbox. They’re actually quite bigoted. But as far as this board is concerned, the majority are not like that and can have reasonably fair discussions. It’s just a small number who spoil the opportunities for expansion and more meaningful discussions.

    Guys could agree to having boxing matches, and most would believe in fair play, but there are some types who have no qualms about putting horse-shoes in their gloves or biting and kicking, which always puts those who won’t stoop to that level at a disadvantage. Hence, rules and a referee are needed to protect the honorable from the dishonorable.

    Master of Disaster, where does it say that this board is only for Liberals? The reason there are so few conservatives is that this is such a hostile environment for them, and if they try to stick around, they get beat up and are driven away. But I don’t think bullies should win, and won’t be intimidated by them. My mistake in the past was to engage them which led to endless posting because their egos would not permit me to make any post unopposed, and I would be blamed for a glut of back-and-forth posts, but now I just let them vent their spleens and ignore it for the most part. I don’t even read the post once I see it’s all about a personal attack. I strive to make my point and move on. Besides, it’s not me who they are making look like an ass. Still, I would prefer that verbal abusiveness be kept in check by a moderator. That’s how it should be and it would lead to greater and more productive participation, IMHO.

    Lastly, regarding the topic of this thread, as others have pointed out, it’s election time and there will be many posts about politics. That’s reasonable and natural. But it’s very easy to start other threads about other topics and very easy to ignore those threads that are of no interest. It’s not as if there is no space for it. This board isn’t very active any more and there are threads on the first page more than a week old. There is plenty of space to discuss other issues.

    Note to my stalker: I don’t understand your vendetta or why you have it. It seems very strange to me. I strive not to read your posts because I don’t want to get sucked into an ugly exchange. I skip over and ignore your threads as soon as I see they are personal attacks, and won’t be reading or responding to your follow-up here. I think you’re wasting your time with your continual harassment of me, and not doing yourself any favors if appearing to be smart and in control is important to you.


    Poor Bacon. Always the victim.

    Who is it that’s been 86’d off this board 5 or 6 times?

    Andy Brown

    And always the same shtick, screaming he’s a victim and asking for a moderator to step in.

    Get over it, Vernon. It’s not going to happen.

    For the umpteenth time this board is not here for politics, it’s here for radio broadcasting and related science, technology and music musings.

    If all political and religious threads were banned, the forum could achieve a level of peace and tranquility and you would have to stay on topic which you have shown you are incapable of.

    So quit your whining. In another month drumpf will have lost. Are you prepared for that? With his current predicament and the large majority of females in both major and all independent parties abandoning the donald, he might lose in a landslide. If religious conservatives, who have never liked drumpf, stay home, the GOP can kiss their house and senate majorities goodbye. I hope you’re ready and have found a discussion board to hang out with other whacko right wingers to commiserate, because around here you will get zero sympathy.


    Interestingly, there is indeed a forum that is moderated and is governed by a policy called BNBR (Be Nice, Be respectful”.

    The moderation is both by official moderators and also policed by the members.

    The site is Quora.

    Also, Baconator also had a footprint there.

    Now, for sure, Quora has an international membership, and like the world at large, Liberal thought dominates the landscape.

    That said there are indeed many well respected, thoughtful and intelligent Conservatives represented, many of which I follow so I can get an understanding of other viewpoints.

    You would think that would be a place Bacon could work with, yet, for some reason he ends up back here where he complains about not having the things he say’s he’s looking for.



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