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    Aww Dark, don’t let the bastards get you down.

    Grandkids, that’s awesome. Congratulations!

    I’d love to catch up some time!


    No worries, I just ignore all that stuff…….but it dominates this part of the site.

    You still in PDX….?


    Yessir. Now working at Capers, right behind ABC security.


    Over 20 years ago, Lee Mirabal introduced a then-new bit of Internet slang to her listeners: flaming. She said something like, “imagine some guy in his underwear siting behind his computer writing all sorts of vile insults, as if he were some kind of an authority. He is there because he has nothing better to do and possibly because he has a need to make himself feel bigger than other people. That is called flaming.”


    “He is there because he has nothing better to do and possibly because he has a need to make himself feel bigger than other people.”

    I don’t know about the first part, but the second part (bolded) rings true for three on this board.

    IMHO, they don’t look big at all, in spite of how their abusiveness make them feel. They instead make themselves look very small.


    You are a lying, hypocritical, asshole and are relentlessly unpleasant.

    Your continuing failure or simple inability to acknowledge basic fact and engage in an objectively honest discourse while simultaneously trolling in willful misinformation, conspiracy theorizing, or outright lies, does not place you upon a higher moral plain.

    As an uncritical Trump supporters and bleating purveyor of false equivalence, we know quite a few things about you. None of them good.

    You engender vitriol entirely by virtue of your own actions. See also, Newton’s Third Law.

    Perhaps if you weren’t so intent on being a giant prick at every opportunity a number of people would speak to you differently? Crazy thought, I know. I’d invite you to take your oft utilized, entirely condescending quote and stick it up your ass, but space is clearly at a premium as it’s already occupied by your head.

    “It is my sincere desire that my research and hard work will help create a world where we all learn to walk this Earth, safe, enlightened and free from the perils of cruelty, ignorance, and all the other dark and sinister forces, which make assholes possible.”

    ― Alexei Maxim Russell


    What is occurring on this board is not debate. What is happening, instead, is that people who have a deep personal attachment to certain views are preaching those views. True debate requires a certain amount of intellectual distance from the topic at hand. Otherwise, the “debaters” start to sound like this little guy:

    Andy Brown

    No, Alfredo. That is an incomplete and somewhat misleading statement. It is not that “people” are preaching at all. Bacon is preaching. Everyone else is reacting to his inanity. There is a big difference IMO.

    As L.G. posted, Bacon is indeed:

    1. a lying, hypocritical, asshole and are relentlessly unpleasant.

    My take is that Vernon is a social misfit with few relationships outside of blood family and his few right wing fascist friends. He spends all day moving from one discussion forum to another, spewing his garbage and reading only enough to configure which piece of stupidity to share with the forum at hand.

    2. failure or simple inability to acknowledge basic fact and engage in an objectively honest discourse

    Vernon does not accept facts based in scientific research unless they support his position which they usually don’t. He also does not honor the applied sciences nor does he recognize items such as ‘accepted standards’ or ‘norms.’

    He likes to call out others to defend their statements but he never will defend his own hyperbole and lies especially when it is a clear uncut case of him being incorrect.

    3.while simultaneously trolling in willful misinformation, conspiracy theorizing, or outright lies, does not place you upon a higher moral plain.

    This is what it most annoying on both counts. One, Bacon trolls the board and then denies he is trolling and then has the nerve to see himself as more knowledgeable and forthright then the entire group opposed to his sick twisted perverted reasoning. He does this with no more then a community college education, a late in life adoption of extreme religion and an uncanny ability to form conclusions so far outside the body of data and studies thereof already available. Bacon is not an idiot, but he is a jackass. He has proven this time and time again as fairandbalanced, the wrath of con, libby, etc.

    Then there is the issue of Bacon’s paranoia, insincerity, inabilities and refusal to acknowledge certain realities. Usually he will not address the inaccuracies in his posts, the illogical nature of his writings and the outright lies he copy and pastes from the web presence of the worst segment of American society. He is constantly claiming he is being attacked for his beliefs which could not be farther from the truth. He claims he needs to be a conservative voice in a sea of progressive thought when in fact he does not absorb any writing that is counter to his agenda of racism, homophobia, misogyny and xenophobia.

    Bacon is also fraudulent. If he was a true Republican, a real conservtive or a genuine Christian he could not in good conscience support drumpf, lie for drumpf, distort for drumpf or cast a vote for drumpf.
    Prestigious theological conservatives such as Russell Moore — head of the political arm of the Southern Baptist Convention openly criticize his candidacy as out-of-step with evangelical beliefs.

    A professor of biblical studies at Boyce College, Denny Burk blogged in March that though Trump has said he would appoint conservative Supreme Court justices, it was unclear what kind of justices he actually would choose; he does not seem to understand the pro-life position; and his statements supporting torture present a “real threat to our constitutional order.”

    “I am not joking or being hyperbolic when I say that he is a Mussolini-in-waiting,” Burk wrote. “He must never be allowed near the Oval Office. Ever.”

    In a February blog post titled “Decency for President” that he later expanded for The Washington Post, Oak Hills Church pastor and popular Christian author Max Lucado said Trump wouldn’t pass the “decency interview” he required for his three daughters’ dates.

    Lucado wrote:

    “I’m a pastor. I don’t endorse candidates or place bumper stickers on my car. But I am protective of the Christian faith. If a public personality calls on Christ one day and calls someone a “bimbo” the next, is something not awry? And to do so, not once, but repeatedly? Unrepentantly? Unapologetically? Can we not expect a tone that would set a good example for our children? We stand against bullying in schools. Shouldn’t we do the same in presidential politics?”

    The pastor of Anacostia River Church and council member of The Gospel Coalition has called Trump a racist and many of the positions both Trump and Clinton have taken “evil.” In a blog post earlier this year titled “Can We Talk? Or, Why I Think A Trump Presidency Is Intolerable Even Though You Might Not Agree,” Thabiti Anyabwile wrote: “It seems to me, it’s past time Christians with minds bound by the word of God forsake party politics for party politics sake.

    “If this election proves anything, it proves there remains among Christian people a lot of uncritical allegiance to the parties of men and even some idolizing of them,” he wrote. That last sentence sure describes Bacon to a T. Bacon’s lack of critical thinking is a given and that is what most of this forum finds disgusting.

    Erick Erickson, the conservative blogger behind The Resurgent told Katie Couric, “If the Republican Party wants to go in (Trump’s) direction, I guess I’m not a Republican anymore.”

    Erick Erickson previously had said he would support Trump if he became the party’s nominee. Then in February he wrote on his website, The Resurgent, “I Will Not Vote For Donald Trump. Ever.“

    “Donald Trump has had no ‘road to Damascus’ conversion. He only wants to date the preacher’s daughter,” Erickson wrote.

    That brings up a topic we have barely touched on (sic), the seemingly lack of a moral compass held by drumpf. Now even Bacon has a moral compass. It is highly distorted as if Bacon had a giant piece of magnetite in his rectum. drumpf on the other hand sees nothing wrong with groping his daughters ass in public and announcing he’d do her in a minute if it was OK with societal norms. It’s not donald. Get a grip.

    Robbie George, McCormick Professor of Jurisprudence at Princeton University is Catholic. He writes:

    “I have been a severe critic of Mr. Trump and there is nothing he could say at a meeting in which he is courting conservatives that would alter my low opinion of him. I trust that I do not need to go into detail about the words and actions that have caused me to form that opinion. Perhaps the only politician in America of whom I have an even lower opinion is Hillary Clinton, so I certainly understand why some are urging us to hold our noses and support for Mr. Trump. But I fear that he will, in the end, bring disgrace upon those individuals and organizations who publicly embrace him.”

    Earlier he tweeted, “Good people, reject (Clinton) but don’t associate yourself with Trump. He will disgrace & taint all who snuggle up to him.”

    “For conservative evangelicals like me, the 2016 election really is a choice between two evils,” said Alan Noble, editor of the website Christ and Pop Culture, in an article in Vox.

    In his post, in which he advised evangelicals to abstain from voting for president and focus instead on congressional and local and state elections, Noble wrote that voting for Trump would undermine “decades of the religious right’s insistence that character matters in politicians.”

    He called the candidate “a deceptive, infantile, racist demagogue with no political principles aside from his own self-interest.”

    He also pointed out Trump’s comments that he does not ask for forgiveness, saying, “Any man who is so unaware of his own depravity that he cannot recognize his need for forgiveness is incapable of justly leading any country.

    “There simply is no way around this fact for evangelicals.”

    So you see, ladies and gentleman, Bacon whom has espoused such fervor about faith, Christianity and conservative dogma has thrown these values overboard by being a vocal supporter of drumpf. Bacon is not who he has claimed he is under any of the identities he has used on this forum. That’s where the hypocrisy that L.G. referred to is.

    It matters not to Bacon that no living President including the Bushes will support him. It matters not that drumpf is a serial philanderer, expects others to carry the tax burden while he exploits the loopholes that are part of the problem and tells more lies then any other presidential candidate in the history of fact checking.

    No Alfredo, everyone isn’t preaching. They are reacting to the presence of an outrageous hypocrite and liar who does not deserve to be able to be a part of this on line community.

    His reactions are always the same. We are bullying him because he is a conservative. That my friends is fucking bullshit. We are just calling his presence here what it is, ugly and unwanted. Lots of conservatives have posted here but they don’t make assholes of themselves every single time they post. Only Bacon does. He offers nothing to the radio side and frankly offers nothing on this side. All that he has figured out is that if he doesn’t call out Mrs. Merkin for being a female, Dan will let him stay. It makes no sense. Bacon claims all the time that Vitalogy, edsel and I would never make it on a moderated board. Not only is that totally wrong but it underscores the problem: If Bacon was not here, none of the rest would be needed to angrily refute Bacon’s worthless non contribution here. Frankly, I long for a more even tempered conservative presence to balance the discussions. Not a delusional, undereducated, non-researched and ill informed pariah like Bacon.


    I will not go down to the level of name-calling or swearing at other forum participants.

    I do feel the need to state the following:

    1) Registered Republicans collectively created this mess by electing Trump in the primaries. They have painted their party into a corner.

    2) I have not been registered with a political party for years, so I don’t feel that I’m “carrying water” for anyone in these matters.

    3) Evangelical Christians who are put off Trump’s non-Christian attributes could vote Constitution Party, instead.

    4) I believe that much of Trump’s support is coming from “defeat Clinton and the Democrats at all costs” people.

    5) Trump will not win. He just has too much baggage to appeal to independents, undecideds, and “swing” voters.

    6) I will not be voting for Donald Trump, though you are free to make your face turn blue by convincing me that I should.

    7) I will not allow myself to be intimidated or belittled into voting for a specific candidate.

    Andy Brown

    Then Bacon will post a ‘thank you’ note to someone that doesn’t ream him a new anus in their post and totally ignore everything else. Did you see him try to make nice with Brian in his earlier post after Brian made it clear that Bacon will do no work towards being better informed. Trolling like Bacon is despicable. He’ll get everyone agitated, ignore all the angry responses and find someway to get reinvolved with the thread without dealing with all the lies, inaccuracies and bullshit that he initially posted.

    That is trolling. Period.


    The election of Clinton will most likely silence many of the most vocal Dumpsters — they only came out of the woodwork because an asshole like them was running for president.

    I think one of the most important lessons to be learned here by the Republicans is the importance of Superdelegates. Regardless of your opinion of superdelegates, if the GOP had them, Turnip likely would not be the nominee.

    Master of Disaster

    What concerns the Master of Disaster is why one that disagrees with the majority of a sites’ membership and is disinterested in the primary purpose of said site would continue to visit. If it’s to infuriate the membership with disagreeable opinions because they live in a country that protects said opinion, then it’s best to reconsider said abuse of power.

    There are countless websites out there, not to mention blog hosting sites where one can start their own.

    Andy Brown

    Bacon tried that. It failed miserably.


    One wonders what one expects checking into something called “Politics and Other Things” a month before a major election.

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