Besides Donald and Hillary is there anything else being discussed in here? forums forums Politics and other things Besides Donald and Hillary is there anything else being discussed in here?

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    Just browsed through four pages of Donald and Hillary……..anything else fun and interesting being discussed?


    ”Tis the season.

    As President Barak Obama put it;

    “Silly Season”


    No, DarkT, it’s just about all that’s here anymore. I find myself checking-in less and less all the time for that exact reason. It’s the same ol’ people spouting the same ol’ tired shit.

    I feel badly for Dan, as I’m certain that what’s here now doesn’t match what he had envisioned. Too bad, it served it’s purpose initially but has morphed to nothing but another site to highlight the self-serving.


    Maybe it’s time for three boards…….
    everything else……


    Dark, how the hell are you?

    Like many, I find myself lurking more and talking less. Some in here continue to beat their dead horse, even when being shown incorrect time and again, and to be honest it is just silly to encourage them.

    Missing hasn’t been here for a long time, and I know I sure miss him. Same with Mrs. M, though I saw her at PDX a few months back. She is well, and wonderful as always.


    ^^^ What mike kolb and Brianl said.

    You know, years ago I proposed to Dan that he configure this side to automatically expire/delete old threads after a certain number of pages, to keep things somewhat “fresh” and draw more attention to the radio side. Guess he must have had trouble doing it.

    I can’t imagine why he considers even half this stuff worth saving.

    Andy Brown

    It’s not. This election season has had to suffer the return of F&B. He is largely the reason for threads running so long both in pages and in time on the first page of politics and other things.

    I appealed to Dan to get rid of him immediately upon his return (I recognized his initial post under the Bacon handle) but was rebuffed by Dan who basically wrote back saying he hasn’t broken any rules and in fairness, he hasn’t. He has been thoroughly ignorant of many facts which negate his theorizing on the election progress, and does post a lot of incorrect analyses from both himself and other right wing loony tune pundits.

    The second reason for the political threads dominating is a new? poster named radiodork. Radio dork joined up well before the political season and made an attempt to ‘fit in’ to the radio side. After a while it was clear he had nothing to offer about programming, engineering, ownership issues, etc. Mostly stupid posts that made no sense from somebody obviously masquerading as a broadcast person, active or retired. Since the election cycle began in earnest early in this calendar year, dork started posting the most inane garbage on the political side and continues to do so to this day. He puts up ridiculous posts and then rarely comes back to defend his stupidity almost as if he thrives on half a dozen folks taking him to task.

    So, Darktemper, that is the answer to your question as to why there isn’t ‘anything else’ on the politics and other things side of the board.

    A footnote: Now that many many many voters have actually seen drumpf on prime time TV (the first debate) and seen what a phony racist misogynist xenophobic asshole he is, his polling numbers are in the beginning of a major tailspin. Without something to launch into one of their invalid representations of drumpf’s chances in November, both of these right wing nut cases tend to be a little quieter.

    They should both be banned for one simple reason: This is a discussion board. Unfortunately both dork and bacon treat it as a bulletin board. If you are going to make a claim and it is disproved by several posters with valid antithetical facts, you can’t keep changing the thread subject matter nor direction just to allow maintaining the topic heading on the first page.


    I can’t speak for Dan but as some know we attended Nathan hale high school in North Seattle at the same time in the late 70s. We were both part of the KNHC Seattle Public Schools radio program. His original idea to create A website about Portland radio was ingenious. To separate the topics he created politics and other things. I am sure Dan probably did not expect politics to become so divisive so quickly. The site contines on with very little moderation and perhaps that is an attraction for some posters. Please know that Dan is a good man who is doing his best at maintaining A site with little or no profit. And if Dan objects to anything that I wrote here I will totally understand if he deletes this post.


    I’ve no issues with Dan whatsoever; I honestly like his hands-off approach, and letting us largely moderate ourselves.

    I have been guilty of getting into pissing matches with F&B before, and I just have zero interest in it. He is who he is. Having met him in person, I can say that he came across as a nice guy, who is steadfast in his convictions. Many of those convictions we disagree on, and we will just agree to disagree. Most of us (myself included) see that Bacon is not capable of reasonable debate, because of his unwillingness to do his homework, document his stuff with unbiased substance, or own it when proven wrong. Again, it is what it is, and I just ignore it.

    Radiodork is just a one-trick pony troll. He has a chubby for Bashing the Clintons, and is just here to piss people off.

    I have been here for 15 years, and very much value the relationships developed over the years. With people still here, and those who have come and gone. That is why I stay, even if reading more and postng less.


    Thanks to Dan for hosting this site!


    Thanks Brian.


    I hope that new position is working out for you.


    Brianl while I have you here congrats on another WSU victory over Oregon. It is nice to know that the college football universe has tilted back to Washington and/or wsu.


    As one of the long time posters, who like many, has posted less these days for reasons already mentioned, I have attempted to showcase other topics with little to no success. Evidently, they just aren’t as sexy as politics.

    There was a time where my curiosity of other posters had me creating threads with their names. I would write about what I enjoyed about the poster and asked them to share about themselves what they felt comfortable sharing. It was a nice change of pace and we learned quite a bit about each other.

    I have met a few of you personally, and some only through email, which I value deeply.

    This has been a guilty pleasure for many years now (not sure how long)…and I will continue to join in when I feel I have something worthwhile.

    Onward we go…


    Thanks, Paul. It was fun watching us kick the snot out of Oregon.



    Doing good….busy as heck….
    Two grand babies now and third one coming soon.

    I was thinking about the good old days in here and decided to check in but I see that the reason I disappeared for a long time is still ever present.

    For some reason A vision of grown men on computers living in their mothers basement comes to mind when I read some of these posts.

    The more things change the more they stay the same.

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