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    TYT basically owns media under 45 years old right now. A solid progressive voice, online initially, now available on various TV networks.

    There are others now. Good to see. Interestingly, the two most prominent, well produced are ex MSNBC. Now parodied on Twitter as MSDNC. (I cannot recommend that Twitter account enough. Hilarious!)

    One million individual donors, approaching 3 million donations. (may have passed that number, I’ve not checked)

    One million volunteers, currently at 400k phone calls for a million phone call week.

    Top fundraiser this quarter, 25 million, all smalls. Biden has yet to announce, he may beat Bernie out with heavy donations. But nobody really gives a fuck. Biden is done. Seriously. He has basically NO organization at this point.

    I linked a “Plan To Win” video here a while back. Here’s a current link:

    These numbers are that plan in action. We don’t have canvass numbers, though the most recent reports mentioned tens of thousands on a regular basis. Similar efforts are ramping up in all the early States, with backfilling to big states as capacity improves.

    Honestly? YES!

    I live for this shit. We’ve got millions of people active, involved, getting after better politics. Movement politics go well beyond campaign efforts.

    This machine lives on whether it wins the nomination or not. Don’t count on it working all that well for a corporate Democrat. These people are policy based. Do count on it being an ongoing issue campaign advocacy entity. Do count on it linking in with the various Medicare For All efforts going on right now too. The nurses unions and advocacy groups are doing advocacy linked to Sanders in tandem with Medicare For All.

    Positive, VOTE FOR, people powered politics. Love it.

    Oh, and while Warren can definitely copy the high visibility moves and write watered down policy plans, she does not have anything close to this movement. Nobody does. Nobody has, and the closest was Obama, who has already been outsized before a single vote has been cast.

    As always, join us. It’s not only a great thing to do, it’s fun, positive, and kicking ass.


    Fuck Bernie. He’s why we have Trump.

    And if you want 4 more years of Trump and a 7-2 conservative majority on the SCOTUS then by all means support the screaming old man promising shit that has NO chance of ever happening. Even if we have control of both houses.


    Okie Dokie


    Say it with me kids!

    We have Trump, because Hillary Clinton did not do the work, spent a billion plus, didn’t even visit one key state, sending life sized cardboard cutouts (that’s no joke!), only to lose to the carnival barker she and her husband goaded into running and the media propped up as an easy mark for supposedly experienced politicians and what was the largest, mature political machine at the time.

    Hillary is why we have Trump. Nobody else.

    Oh, I know that hurts. It should. What you should be is ultra pissed at her for not actually fighting for the people she expected to vote for her.

    My other post explains that quite nicely.


    Bernie Sanders Is in Trouble: Up close and personal with a candidate in decline — and seemingly stuck in his ways.

    Bernie is a 3rd rate candidate at this point. He won’t beat Warren and he won’t beat Biden. He will lose just like he did last time, fair and square. He failed to do the work to get the votes for the nomination in 2016 and his work will fail even more this time around. He’s a loser’s candidate. If you want 4 more years of Trump, run Bernie or Warren.

    This time around the shine is diminished on the turd that is Bernie. Sure he has his angry supporters, but at this point those angry supporters will end up losing as Warren is eating Bernie’s lunch left and right.

    And don’t get me wrong. If Warren is the candidate I’ll support her full bore. Unlike Bernie Bots who will shit and piss on any Democrat not named Bernie.



    Yeah, get back to me with a source in the know. That piece was rooted in a poll that has very dubious methodology, (I can source that if you want, but you probably don’t. It’s OK.) and frankly, more people have been contacted in Iowa, indicating strong support willingness to vote, than who probably have read that particular piece in Iowa.

    If you’ve got dollars, Politico is happy to write pretty much anything you want them to say. And Bernie isn’t paying Politico all that much.

    And hey, your latter statement is true. Why would any Democrat expect the massive grassroots support Bernie has?

    Those other people haven’t done the work for 40 plus years. Those other people are not out there working for the people they expect votes from either.

    Funny how that works, isn’t it?

    Candidates in trouble don’t top the fund raising numbers. Candidates in trouble don’t score a million plus donors, and a million plus volunteers.

    Like I said, Okie Dokie.


    Polls prove me right and you wrong.

    And just admit right now that if Bernie is not the nominee (which is almost a guarantee) that your ilk will do what it takes to destroy the Dem candidate at your own peril. No Bernie? Fine, give us 4 more years of Trump.

    Sorry, that’s not a deal I will accept. You were willing to accept it in 2016, you got your wish, and here you are again wanting more punishment? You need help!

    Seriously, fuck Bernie. He’s why we have Trump. Too many douche bags like yourself decided to vote 3rd party or not at all, which delivered our current President to power.

    And how has that worked or your goals? It’s as bad as anyone would have predicted plus 20X. Everything you stand for has been set back thanks to Trump being in office.

    More proof you’re a fucking idiot and a small minority. But in 2016, small numbers of voters made the call.


    Let’s be clear:

    Bernie, nor anyone tells others what to do. I’m gonna vote Dem, minus Kamila. Just no.

    But, that’s me.

    Nobody destroyed Clinton but Clinton. She didn’t do the work, didn’t even attempt the sell job.

    This time around, it’s the same deal. It’s on the candidates to get the votes out of the people they expect and need votes from.

    Best nominate someone willing and able to do that. No joke.

    Now, as for acceptance?

    LOL, like you have some control. None of us do. This is a real Democracy with real people who will make very real voting decisions.

    Accept it or don’t accept it. I do suggest you take a look at the odds, and recognize that “because Trump” isn’t a winning message today. It’s not a winning message because the party has failed to perform economically.

    Represented donors, not people. That has costs, and here we are experiencing them.

    As for my goals?

    Dude, it’s an AWESOME TIME to be progressive! We’ve got people in office, we’ve got a huge and rapidly growing, extremely well funded movement, and we’ve taken the national dialog from center right to at least center left, and then a little.

    Amazing. Love it. More please.

    You don’t control other people. None of us do. Most importantly, the party does not control other people, but something has changed.

    That something changed when Obama ran on a hard progressive platform then basically didn’t fight for it. Hope and change was more hope than change for very large numbers of people. 1000 plus seats lost during his term.

    Indie voters over 45 percent, an increase seen during his term.

    Used to be we could say, “incremental change” vs “the greater evil” –never mind that also means voting for the lesser evil, which is actually still evil, but I digress!

    We can’t say that anymore, and we can’t say it because those increments did not actually pan out to be a net greater good for too many Americans to ignore.

    That’s fact, and that’s what has changed, and it’s why blaming voters, fear, blame and shame politics in general, are extremely high risk and not all that effective at GOTV.

    Of course I said all that years ago. Maybe one day it will sink in. Maybe sooner rather than later.

    And here is the absolutely BRUTAL PART:

    Go ahead, tell me why I should vote for “any blue who will do”, besides the fact that they would not be Trump.

    Like I said on an earlier post: If you paid me big bucks, I can’t sell that shit to enough people to matter.

    I can’t sell it, because it does not work for enough people to matter.

    Sucks, but here we are.

    If we want to win, we are going to have to matter to enough Americans to matter, to win! That means strong vote for policy. It does not mean, “Because Trump is a bad guy.”

    Honestly, watch the clips. I picked very good ones. The detail is in there, and the voices are straight up mainstream progressive which is at least half the Dem party and a strong majority of indies.

    This means you are actually in the minority view.

    Think about it. I know you can. Will you?


    >But in 2016, small numbers of voters made the call.

    I could debate that, but let’s take it as true. It’s true enough.

    Since then, the number of people who would make that call has gone way up. Do you want to know why?

    Three basics:

    One, Bernie has been out there doing issue advocacy, and he along with many progressive groups have taken the conversation left as well being in the fight for labor, ordinary Americans in highly visible and successful ways. The impact of this is flat out MASSIVE. It’s why the movement has the numbers it does today.

    Two, the party is still failing! Who has been out there standing up for labor and who has been voting along with Trump on terrible legislation? Party leaders are basically saying “fuck Bernie”, and while that is understandable given the threat it is to their personal fortunes off big money politics, that kind of thing does tend to galvanize people too. Because just who is this all supposed to be about?

    Three, demographic changes. Younger voters age in as Indies and aligned with progressive politics in massive numbers. The two parties are not even close.


    You should be pumped to vote for Trump then. You will have the same choice again. Support the Dem and defeat Trump, or be an asshole to help trash the Dem nominee vs Trump.

    Seriously, you’ve lost so much credibility on this site it’s not even funny. I’m the only one to stand up to your BS but be advised you’re cruising for another 4 years of Trump if you want to keep it real.

    This is a hilarious Chappelle show clip that calls you Bernie Bots out.


    This isn’t about me.

    It’s all about very large numbers of Americans who just aren’t good with the same old from the Democratic Party.

    And with that comes the choice I’ve put here often enough:

    We can get behind people and policy that is about ALL Americans and be extremely likely to win big

    , or

    We can get behind people and policy that is about SOME Americans, fuck the other ones, and hope that’s enough like Clinton did.

    And the reason it’s a choice is we Democrats have a primary. Any indies who sign up can vote too.

    Our little club, and it is little relative to the Indie voters out there today.

    Where the club vote boils down to “fuck those other people”, our chances in the general aren’t so hot.

    Where the club vote boils down to being about ALL Americans? Our chances are much higher.

    You are awful quick with “fuck those people”, so it’s obvious you are in the faction of our little club who could give two shits about labor. Kind of selfish really.

    No matter how we rationalize that choice coming up, the fact is, we will need votes from ALL Americans, not just Democrats, in the general election to defeat Trump.

    Which do you want more, win or not?

    Pick, because it is hard to expect votes from people who have been told they can go pound sand, so to speak.


    Trump 2020 for you then!


    Are you two little children as tired of having these pissing matches as everybody else is of seeing them?


    No. It’s fine.

    Frankly, I will share some of the good ones. No worries here.

    And you’ve got a scrollbar. Use it. I do, as do others.

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