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    Looks like Bernie’s message of “Medicare for All” just isn’t resonating with voters.

    In Kansas’s 3rd district, Berniecrat Brent Welder lost (narrowly) to an “openly LGBTQ Native American woman” named Sharice Davids. Welder got a big campaign visit from Bernie and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Did it help or hurt Welder? It could be he was the better candidate in a district Clinton narrowly won in 2016.

    In the Michigan primary, Bernie-backed candidate for governor Abdul el-Sayed – touted as the first Muslim governor of a US state – lost by more than 20 points.

    And nearby, up in Washington’s 3rd district, Berniecrat Dorothy Gasque, a US military veteran who served in Afghanistan and Iraq, came in 5th in the open primary, getting only 4.6% of the vote. Democrat Carolyn Long came in second, at 36.6%, sending her to the run-off in November with Jaime Herrera Beutler.

    So sorry, but I don’t see Bernie’s “populist” message resonating outside of heavily blue areas like the New York district won by Ocasio-Cortez, a district Trump lost by 55 points.


    Two Berniecrats will be sitting in Congress next year, Ocasio-Cortez from Bronx – Queens and Rashida Tlaib from south Detroit.

    Andy Brown

    Sanders missed the boat on Ocasio-Cortez, then watched his endorsed candidates fall on Tuesday — a sign that his sway is limited heading into 2020.

    Matt McLaughlin, who chaired Sanders’ 2016 campaign in Somerville, Massachusetts, and is an alderman there, said:

    “My philosophy — and I think it’s what Bernie was going for — the Republican Party years ago when they couldn’t win elections, they did some soul searching and ran people at the local level,” he said. “Thirty, 40 years later they control every level of government. … That’s what the Democratic Party needs to do. They need to get some fresh faces, go back to their roots and reorganize.”


    There are wins. Not as many as I want to see, but enough to matter.

    Cortez ran a long campaign.

    The others were shorter. I think that matters because ground game really matters.

    Here is the thing:

    Yeah, it may not do well, at least not without more investment, in some places.

    That is all just fine.

    Similar things were said about every good thing that ever got done. Healthcare works just like gay marriage did. Everyone knows someone sick, running a fucking gofundme to try and live. And where they don’t yet, they will very soon.

    Where it does do well, the ideas are advanced and better normalized.

    Even the Kochs fucked up and ran a hit piece showing a few billion net savings. Issue number one.

    Issue number two is living wages.

    Doing that work is a far better investment than pouring money into people who are basically moderate Republicans. They will not advance either of those things, now relevant to the majority of the nation

    There are no meaningful economic answers in either establishment crowd. I am up for preventing regression, but that means actually doing the preventative work too.

    Running real lefties is part of that. Talking down righties, who don’t mind gay marriage and abortion, is also a part of that.

    The current plan is to keep primarying the fuck out of economic opposition, gaining ground each time.

    Game on. Happy to see it, doing my part in it.

    I am done with current party leadership. It does not make economic sense. Lots of work to do, and I am happy to do that work. Those people do not represent me and mine. I sure as hell am going to return their nonconsideration with the same.

    They would.

    Frankly, I would prefer all of them to be at risk, and know exactly why too.

    Progressives are done waiting. We will get some seats, use them to make news, and then go get more.

    The current leadership, and its economic vision is completely unacceptable.

    They are not left, nor are they representing labor in any meaningful way.

    Everyone knows they won’t change that. Money is too good. So, it is a raw fight.

    The other thing that appears to be slowly understood better is progressives are not going to back down on all this. If it takes 10 primaries to get one seat, fine. Run 10 primaries.

    That is where things are.


    The Bernie Bros didn’t do the work.


    Bite me.

    Now more seriously, where they did do that work, they won plenty of races.

    Great! More coming.

    Where they didn’t, and there are some I can totally see they didn’t, they lost.

    You do realize, that each of those campaigns is an atomic thing. A lot of them were confident, quite a few of them or not, or underfunded, or whatever.

    Now, hearing criticism from the fucking party down a thousand seats, is laughable. Got no time for it.

    And hearing the same from people who thought Clinton was a fine idea? Got no time for that either. She fucking lost to the idiot. There’s no credibility there. None. Bernie would have won.

    I got all the time, all the consideration, all the effort in the world for people looking to get better representation for labor. I got no time at all for failed party apologists, and grifters, down a thousand fucking seats. Lost to the idiot.


    You guys trying to turn this into some kind of dirty word? Laughable. Go right ahead though. It might even help. I’m going to publish a run down on this shit. You know, tips, tricks arguments how they play out. Play book.

    Just so people know what they face. Game on!

    You’ve been quite helpful. And, by no means alone. It’s been very interesting these last few months.

    I don’t think you understand what unacceptable actually means.

    Clinton losing to this asshole is a super big deal. Fail. I’ll have no more of it. The party leadership is going to change. Or, they’ll be a lot more fucking Republicans running around.


    Missing: “Now more seriously, where they did do that work, they won plenty of races.”

    Not really. Rashida Tlaib won a district that Trump lost by 61%. (Not a typo!). Sorry, the Berniecrats aren’t going to succeed in “taking the country back” just by winning in safe lefty-left pure Democratic districts. They need to win in red districts – or at least in swing districts. If the Berniecrat strategy is just to win in extremely liberal districts and take the Democratic party with them on that path, the Democrats are headed for a long time as the minority party.


    They need to win where they can win. Then we build on that. End of story.

    And yeah, could be a long time as minority party. What part of unacceptable do you not understand?

    Got no time for people that don’t represent me and mine meaningfully.


    Good point.
    Y’all know who TOM PEREZ is. Chairman of the Democratic National Committee. Y’all know what he thinks about the New Red Wave:


    Missing: “They need to win where they can win. Then we build on that. End of story.”

    When your only victories are in places where the Democrat beats the Republican by 50% of the vote, you are not winning meaningful victories. You’re winning races you’re supposed to win – like Republicans cheering about winning an election in Oklahoma.

    “And yeah, could be a long time as minority party. What part of unacceptable do you not understand?”

    Being in the minority for decades (or longer?) just isn’t acceptable to me – sorry. I prefer political power sooner to improve things rather than waiting forever for the most pure, perfect candidates to come along while the world goes to complete shit in the interim.


    What part of unacceptable do you not understand?

    The party lost progressives. Some rebuilding is going to happen.

    I totally understand your preference to improve. What you do not unserstand is that same proposition is just not on the table for a majority of people. They all have sacrificed, voted for the team, and for what return?

    I do find your “unacceptable” laughable. Not continuing to do well is a lot different from the majority who have not done well at all for a very long time.

    Not getting fucked more by the GOP is not a gain. Not like real gains the few of us saw.

    The number of people not seeing improvement has only increased. You are fine. But it isn’t just about you. And you are in a shrinking minority too.

    So it is an impasse. I won’t budge. I totally expect you not to either.

    Raw fight then. Progressives just need to take seats and build on those wins.

    Like I said, that is where things are at.


    Missing: “I totally understand your preference to improve. What you do not unserstand is that same proposition is just not on the table for a majority of people. They all have sacrificed, voted for the team, and for what return?”

    Sorry, my friend, but you don’t speak for the “majority of the people.” You speak for a tiny minority. In Washington’s 3rd congressional district, for example, you speak the 4.73% of the voters who voted for the Berniecrat, not for the 95.27% who didn’t.


    The number of people in economic struggle is over half the nation.

    I am speaking to that, and the consistent growth of it being not OK at all.

    Now, whether those people get it?

    That is exactly why progressives are doing what they are doing.

    More do every day. Good.

    And all that is going to see a sweet bump over the next few years too. Alignment and need / status favorable to progressive ideas is very high under 40, higher under 30.

    Trends do not favor the old party stalwarts.

    Unlike the usual party approach, progressives are putting good, strong ideas out there people can be for. The more the merrier. And they are making it very clear what solid, meaningful representation looks like too. It is not blame and shame, nor is it “they are worse.”

    It is all about the top issues and a basic, long overdue priority discussion.

    For now, that means speaking about and right to the people most impacted. Issue campaigns, primaries. Once a caucus forms, other things can be done.

    Take it all a layer at a time.

    Having trouble feeding your kids?

    Work not delivering enough to make it?

    Need to see a doctor, dentist?

    What about that college debt?

    Lose your home?

    Those are the top concerns among that majority. Speaking to those is what the progressives are all about.

    No need to speak FOR people. This is all about speaking to them, where they live, what keeps them up at night, and how it can be improved.

    The numbers will improve. Takes that work. And it is being done. Given the money in play, it is a heavy lift too.

    I will care exactly as much as I see others do. Your points here?

    Do not care at all. Not compelling. In fact, a couple of you are torally put out over even the mere thought! Trust me. People notice.

    I make damn sure to point it out.

    And the vlame and shame? LMAO!

    Go right ahead and keep trying to blame people with no real power for this mess, while the one with well over a billion could not be bothered.

    People notice that too, and yes I point that out consistently, making damn sure to solidify the ugly questions.

    All day long. Easy peasy.

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