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    Many people have that fear as current models are ultra quiet.

    I read talk of making noise, just for that reason.

    Now, Trump sucks.

    The way to get past all that is to put better, competing ideas out there people can get behind. There are a growing number of politicians doing exactly that.

    GREAT! Got all the time, advocacy, money, mindshare I can deliver for them.

    These clowns spamming me twice a day, “can you believe these assholes?”, or “we suck less, donate now”, should be worried. Template campaigns too.

    Recently, I got a sampling of them from around the country. The same, even roughly on message timing. ONE out of maybe 20 actually speaks to a positive policy position, or points to some ground game type affair that involves actually reaching people.

    The rest are on par with B2B email marketing.

    Not impressed.

    Frankly, I hope they know the major email services put those right into the junk. spam, and promotion bins. (Google) few people even see them, and at the rate of 2 to 5 per day going on months now? LMAO.

    Seems like the blue wave cost is about $100 per month, just to fund consultants, big media buys, and various galas, parties in swank places most ordinary voters would not identify with. That is roughly the ask I am seeing.

    Attended one. Let’s just say that room full of people are no where even close to as effective as the Berners I have met, nor did the events have the kind of draw, demographics needed.

    And big media buys?

    Have they looked at the demographics? TV reach, good as it is, falls way short, starting with gen Y, ramping down hard with millennials, and gen z barely watches at all. Those bucks are reaching the over 45 in reasonable percentages, and are missing under big time. Biggest potential is millennial voters, 40 some percent of whom are committing to votes, starting this year, yet the vast majority of party spending passes them right on by.

    So far, the GOP and Berners looking to organize have knocked on my door. Dems have sent me a couple of cards with a money ask, wrapped in fear, and a few issues sprinkled on top. Not top issues either. Just safe ones.

    I worry about Kate. The advice she is getting appears to be expensive, generic, or at least template type stuff being repeated nation wide, amd with so far, tepid results. I do not think it is good advice at all.

    Oregon trends solid blue, but this year the GOP is gonna be peak. Dems are not matching with good game. That turns what should be solid into real races.


    Mid-term elections have traditionally been down elections. However, a whole lot more is possible.

    My simple question IS, “why do anything but the best right now?” We, again as a party, are not doing that.

    If Trump sucks so damn hard, and he does mind you, the opportunity here is big, right? (And it is)

    Why the tepid, cookie cutter, largely media buy and electronic marketing, bland campaigns?

    Why no big events?

    Now, I know part of why. All part of why I am critical right now. The top issues are not hard to miss, and they are even easier to speak to, organize around. But, the norms have been to play to fear, blame and shame for many years.

    Expecting votes. That is a mistake, and every year it continues, as people used to the old norms age out, and people who reject them age in, the mistake amplifies. So that is part of it.

    The other part is harder, in that those highly desirable policy positions run counter to big donor money, and doing direct to the people campaigning does not include commission / agent checks. Many of those get paid to, “better move right” clowns too. I auppose wanting to nail it with over 60 voters… yeah.

    You read it here. Kate is in real trouble.

    The GOP guy has a fired right up base that is ultra hungry for a win here. They got more people on the geound working too.

    She has the party usuals active, but a ton of the rank and file aren’t even being spoken to, other than, “best do it, or else…” The ground game is weak.

    If it goes badly… and there is a non trivial chance of that, it will not be “teh russians”, nor will it be third party, nor berniecrats.

    It will be the exact same shit Clinton did. Expecring votes, because OMG Trump! It will be a lack of asking, garnering votes, working direct, people to people.

    It will be due to just not doing the work. Spending a lot of money, however hard work it was to get it, just is not doing the politicking work needed.

    We shall see. Got my full ticket Dem votes ready.

    My party does not appear to have their game ready.


    The social issue threats are real. People are helping when they are active about them.

    But, it is economic too.

    People are not helping by not being just as active about them.

    A majority of people are in real economic trouble. Almost nobody but progressives are speaking to that.


    The left is leaving an awful lot of votes on the table. Not good.

    We either step up and actually represent people, or there is an increasing chance they will not show up.

    We all lose.

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