BERNIE launch events are big success!

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    Missing, being in the majority doesn’t guarantee anything good will happen.

    But if you aren’t in the majority, nothing good can happen. And the other side can do bad things.

    And this is what you don’t seem to understand about politics: you seem to think that you gain political leverage only by getting people who agree with you into the majority. But, that’s NEVER going to happen. Instead, you get your political leverage by being PART of the majority. This is how we got Medicare, Social Security, etc. There were plenty of conservative Southern Democrats that were part of the Democratic majorities for decades, people who didn’t support these progressive bills…but supported them anyway, in exchange for the things they wanted.

    Why on earth self-righteous Berniebots refuse to study or learn from the past is beyond me. It’s like they think they are the first people ever to think they were going to change things in America…


    Completely irrational and unhinged.


    Nope, just done with failied policy vision.

    I just dropped a post here. It is first of what I believe will be more admissions and thoughts all centered on progressive politics being the stronger direction going forward.

    We are pulling the discussion left.

    The people impacted by failure have a rock solid basis for taking the stand they are politically. They are experiencing completely unnecessary pain and harm. Struggling.

    There is no getting around that. And there is no need for it to be happening. Our national priorities need to change.

    Exactly why I support the movement 100 percent.

    Incremental change will be just fine. But those steps need to be in a direction that will improve things for all Americans. Building the case, while working to get a majority means we cave cause, and a basis from which to act.

    There is not enough confidence otherwise.

    Without that confidence, the party governing coalition is unlikely to garner enough support to avoid Trump.


    “Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”

    “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”

    If you think you can ignore history and try to do the same things all of those past, passionate activists tried to do, using the same methods they used, you are doomed to fail, too.

    If you want progressive change, try adopting a different strategy than they used, instead of just pretending 99% of Americans secretly agree with you but just haven’t voted your way yet because they haven’t received the secret signal from Bernie.

    Andy Brown

    That’s how conservative publications try to divide the electorate.


    Exactly. For a high Dem turnout, keep selling the chances of Trump getting reelected up to election day. National Review is trolling you, Missing.


    The divide is there and it is along economic lines. Class.

    Yeah, NRO has their reasons for that piece.

    The high turnout will come from solid policy delivered by reputable people, aimed right at the human need, pain out there right now.

    Vote for type policy.

    Failure to do that does, in fact, significantly increase the chance of Trump seeing a second term.

    The body of commentary here speaks more to that potential reelection than it currently does positive GOTV. Amazing actually.

    It won’t be me who got Trump elected again. Except Harris. If she gets the nod, I am out hard. Will go indie and not look back easily.

    Otherwise, there is a whole lot going on running counter to that Trump goal.

    I did this work for Obama. Was good times.

    Feels like that again, frankly. Text banking, phones, canvassing ramping up real soon. I will do it again. Gladly.

    No fancy kilodollar plate galas though. I hear the eats are good, paired well with the better wine, but the message to the people is a little hard to hear over the clanking of silver…

    People want a win. They want to feel they are represented well, talked to, with, not at.

    And they are very tired of this:

    View post on


    Missing: “The high turnout will come from solid policy delivered by reputable people, aimed right at the human need, pain out there right now.

    Vote for type policy.”

    No, most people don’t vote that way – they vote based on the person or their emotions. Right now Elizabeth Warren is stoking the populist flames by promising to break up Amazon, Apple, and Google; that will excite some people (but turn off others). Kamala Harris is promising free health care (no private insurance), free college, and middle class tax cuts – all supposedly paid for by taxing the rich. Baloney – those numbers are never going to add up…but some people will vote for free stuff.


    Like I said you read like a conservative.

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