Beatles producer George Martin dead

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    George Martin died at his home on Tuesday. He was 90. George Martin played a critical part in helping The Beatles craft the unique sounds of their records.

    Years ago, I read an interview with him in the book Behind The Glass in which he explained the creative process behind the song “I am the Walrus.” It was really interesting to read about how this song developed from Lennon playing the song on his guitar for Martin to the collage of sound that ended being pressed onto records. George Martin was a master of using magnetic tape and the relatively simple studio equipment of the day to manipulate sounds and to create new ones. As a side note, to hear the recordings that Martin and The Beatles spent so many hours mixing and perfecting, one has to listen to the mono versions of the records. The stereo versions found on CD and LP re-releases are re-mixes created by recording engineers.



    RIP George Martin.

    But I gotta give Geoff Emerick the credit for the studio wizardry.

    Just realized Emerick did not do Magical Mystery Tour from which “I Am The Walrus” came.


    Dan Packard

    Sir George Martin was tagged the fifth Beatle for his clever arranging and recording of the Beatles musical legacy.

    Portland Radio Project airs a great special about George Martin with his words and many obscure versions of Beatles songs you’ve probably never heard before. Produced by Archer (former KMJK production whiz) and introduced by Inessa.

    Check it out, Saturday (March 12) from 11 am to 1 pm, on Portland Radio Project {Podcast available for listening} and at FM 99.1.

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