Bat Shit Nuts Part II

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    Andy Brown

    American Jews tend to favor Democrat candidates, with 71% of Jewish voters choosing Democrat candidates and only 25% choosing Republicans since 1968.

    As of 2018, 71% of American Jews disapproved of Donald Trump’s job as president, with only 26% approving—the lowest approval rating among all religious groups surveyed.

    78% of Jews voted for Democrat Barack Obama, versus 21% for Republican John McCain, despite Republican attempts to connect Obama to Muslim and pro-Palestinian causes.

    So you can easily see that drumpf is not trying to “convince” Jewish voters to vote for him, he is simply continuing to play the race card and feed the furnace of his base by his recent and ongoing display of total lunacy. Or maybe he is trying to change Jewish minds, just more proof he is totally unhinged. But wait, there’s more.

    “The Jews are not loyal to the state.” – Adolf Hitler
    “Any Jew that votes Democrat is disloyal.” – Donald Trump

    And the right wing pigs of America laughed at the Hitler/drumpf comparisons three years ago. I doubt they are laughing today.

    “Well I’m a life-long conservative — I actually campaigned door-to-door for Chuck Grassley his first year as a Senate campaign, Senate candidate,” Miller said. “But I cannot vote for Donald Trump. I just, he is, he is not a conservative, and I don’t think he’s a good man.”

    Too polite, Mrs. Miller.

    The economy is tanking, and it is largely because of drumpf’s international policies. This also has conservatives scared. By the time another 15 months ticks by, things could be so ugly for drumpf he might have a stroke.

    In the final math, though, Democrats and Independents and even some Republicans are not going to vote to re-elect drumpf. He might get beat up in the GOP primaries, but will probably win the nomination anyway. The Russian interference remains a factor, but the most vulnerable states are largely red states anyway.

    This is becoming less and less political and more about how the current POTUS is a scumbag asshole. drumpf is a feckless misanthropic narcissist who is favored by the clueless, the lesser educated, the malinformed (thanks to FAUX news over the years) and the ignorant racists among us.

    But if you need to point fingers of blame, don’t point them at the White House. Point them at Congress, Moscow Mitch and the Republican Party. They could stop this insanity quickly if they had a pair of balls, but they don’t. Their hopes of retaining power in the Senate remains the real linch pin in 2020, and drumpf’s malfeasance may cost them. In fact, Maine is now a tossup. I guess Ms. Collins grip is slipping. And Moscow Mitch is now even less popular than she is.

    Sure, the media is gun shy because they undervalued the drumpf numbers last time around, but the spread of dislike for drumpf is growing and the economy may further deteriorate the support he still has by 2020.


    But he’s the chosen one! He said so himself today!


    He is the chosen one by some random voters in Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

    Andrew said on another thread this isn’t likely to happen again. I hope Andrew is correct.


    There’s a now cult favorite movie from 2002 called Kung Pow: Enter The Fist. The main character is referred to as Chosen One. Someone really needs to photoshop Trump’s face into Chosen One’s image from the movie. Video would be even better.

    Chosen One is mad at Denmark!


    He also said today that he wasn’t leaving after two terms, more like 10 to 13 years.

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