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    Meredith may have to do each translator at a time. It sounded like it from what I was told. Since I asked them a few times about the Megler translator, they probably did that first. I am sure pleased we have 26 OTA channels now. Before 92 we had no OTA TV. In 1992 2/6/49 were in analog. Later when Meredith bought 12/49, they switched 49 to 12, so for years we only had 2/6/12. Then in about 2010, KOPB put on an analog translator, but it was not at Megler so the picture was full of ghosts and weak. Soon after that they moved to Megler and went digital, right after KOIN switched. A bit later KGW added a translator, so all 5 were running a mix of analog and digital. I think it was about 2014 when KATU went digital finally. For sometime we only have maybe 9 OTA signals, but then the diginets really started to be added. Now we have 26.


Viewing 2 posts - 106 through 107 (of 107 total)
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