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    Matt Jones

    Let the speculation begin! 🙂 Art Bell has died – on Friday the 13th no less – at the age of 72.



    Industry obit:
    During my youth, Larry King and Art Bell. Best radio moment was the caller who said he was flying into Area 51 and then is shot down. Stunt or not, it was compelling radio.
    George Nory is OK. But, Coast to Coast has not been the same.



    No, he’s actually alive and well. You DO know his “death” is just a fabricated media/government coverup, like they did with Messrs Bin Laden and Hussein al-Tikriti. He was abducted by an alien spacecraft that triangulated his position based on transmissions from his radio tower.

    The aliens even offered me a trip to any point in time I wished, which I took them up on. I had them send me back to last week so I could pay my phone bill on time.

    I was there! I have photographs! I can prove it beyond a reasonable doubt!!!



    Very heavy smoker for years, had COPD, Heart issues. Not a big surprise. But he will be missed. At least his shows are on the internet and hopefully they will continue. I often listen to them on my wifi radio, before I fall asleep.



    To be buried in Mel’s Hole?



    Cigarettes kill, but it just takes a long time for them to do their work. Goodbye, Art. 🙁

    Coast to Coast AM with George Noory hasn’t been the same, and I gave up on the show a long time ago. I am not sure whether that had to do with the way that Art presented the material or whether the novelty of paranormal stories wore off for me.



    Compelling radio, but an awful lot of BS was propagated. There was the nonsense about aliens following the Hale-Bopp comet that helped feed the fire of a cult group that committed suicide. There were various people predicting conflicting future events, and simpleton Art would just promote them all as “the real deal,” and not ask the hard questions.



    Art had a great schtick and radio was the perfect conduit. No matter how you felt about the content, Bell kept you engaged, which is the personification of a broadcaster.



    The odd thing with Art Bell is that as much as I enjoyed the “isn’t that weird” aspect of his show, I didn’t fully appreciate his skills as a storyteller until years after I started listening.

    The “a-ha” moment for me was when I was invited, along with a group of people, to a UFO event at a cafe that had a video projector. A man walked in with a video tape in his hand and proceeded to play it. The tape was of a cable access show of a round table discussion in which the people went back and forth about what aliens were supposedly trying to communicate to humanity via their visits. It was incredibly boring and the production values were lackluster.



    I started listening to Art way back in ’85 when he was only on KDWN in Vegas. He was the best at what he did. RIP, Art.



    I too worked with Bell for a very short period in about 1969 in Santa Maria. He was a jock and engineer. I never got close to him as he seemed reserved and maybe erratic. His work history certainly was erratic.After listening to him off and on and carrying his show on a station I was an Op Man at I still wonder if he really ever believed much of the strange stuff on his show. Regardless, he’s with the aliens now!



    Theater of the mind.
    Anyone who erects a center fed Franklin antenna for his 30 meter radio hobby is OK in my book.

    Carl Kassel also passes on to The Land of NYE:



    The Nye County Sheriff’s office has released Art Bell’s autopsy results. Bell died from an overdose of multiple prescription medications. COPD and high blood pressure were significant contributors to the death, according to coroner John Fundenberg, but there were no indications of foul play.,amp.html?utm_source=fark&utm_medium=website&utm_content=link&ICID=ref_fark

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