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    2012 MacBook Pro.

    I love writing on that computer. Coffee spill on keyboard today. Shit.

    Good news is I can fix it. Gonna order a top case with fitted keyboard from the eBay tomorrow. But damn, that repair is really tough. I have done it once before. Cost me 150 and some time. Didn’t seem to learn the lesson.

    I love the machine enough to do it, but not quite enough to get a new one…

    Edit: Oh that’s a big fat denial. Truth is, I may do this stupid shit again, and the newer ones are harder.

    There are days that suck. This is one of those days.


    Tell me about it! Maybe, just maybe. I might get this old PC running again. Kind of scared to. Wiped the thing clean, but still. The cost of buying a new one would totally wipe out the holidays for me. Guess I’m stuck with the tablet til the tax refund comes. Damn, dude! I understand! Been there Done that. Aarruugghh!!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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