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    Why would anyone want a stand-alone WiFi internet radio “box” over a smart speaker from say Amazon or Google? I must be missing something.



    The costs for the two are about the same. In the article linked below, the experts (whose opinions should be taken with a grain of salt, as they represent equipment manufacturers) cannot agree.

    Those who say that the radios are on the way out point to declining numbers of manufacturers offering internet radio product lines. They also cite that consumers want a “future proof” product that does everything; in the U.K. centric perspective of the article, that means receiving two generations of DAB plus analog FM (customers don’t seem to care about MW and LW).

    Those who stand by the radios say that these products provide a familiar user interface that is easy to use. They cite that large, easy-to-read displays are valuable to some customers. (Perhaps, these are older demographics. I’m not laughing, as presbyopia is getting the better of me in my mid 40s.)



    I find that I am rapidly being spoiled by the smart speaker approach, for example, last Sunday when it was time for “Mist Covered Mountain” instead of trying to dx 89.7 or turn on and select the station from the menus on my Sangean WFR-28 internet radio, I just said “Alexa… play K L C C” and listened to the program. The downside is that I can’t find some stations on the smart speaker that my Sangean can easily “tune in”.



    I’ll have a dedicated 802-11 or ethernet-based streamer in my house before I’ll have any of the corporately-owned, government-run covert surveillance devices currently being marketed as “smart speakers”. The reason I don’t have a streamer is because Internet access is unreliable enough to make it impractical at best and useless at worst.

    Besides that, there’s really no substitute for the simplicity and reliability of local collections, there just isn’t.



    I have three internet only radios. I love them. I can listen to about anything worldwide that streams and most stations do. Be it a talk show from 2KY Sydney Australia to Mongolian Folk Music from Ulan Bator. It is amazing. My latest Grace Digital also has Podcasts and a library of thousands of them, plus ten of thousands of radio stations. I have a UE Smart Radio that I can tune by location, city, and go right up the dial AM/FM and hear what stations and formats are in the city. It is a lot of fun. Not all stations stream, but most do. A few years back the IRCA Radio convention was in Billings MT, so before I left I checked out the dial. Only one main station did not stream at the time, a religious station on 1240. It was very interesting.Streaming is here to stay and I am sure the wifi radio will be around for a long time. Most stations here in Clatsop County, OR now stream.



    The corporate spy devices are misnamed… Should properly be called what they are… “Smart Microphones”



    I wonder, do radio stations have to pay in order for their audio to be searchable through devices like Alexa?

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