Apple vs The FBI

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    Looks like the FBI cracked the iPhone of the terrorists who Apple was willing to protect in order to maintain it’s profits. Fuck off Apple. Thanks for letting us know where you stand. And let it be known you’ll be ultimately defeated when you try to protect terrorists in the name of corporate profits. Typical nerds thinking they are above everyone.


    There’s an important point in all of this, that everybody seems to have missed.
    FACT: The FBI wasn’t asking Apple for something that already existed; it – and the Federal court – were trying to force Apple to create something new, something that doesn’t presently exist, and that would require at least several hundred man-hours to produce.
    FACT: Under the “Citizens United” decision by SCOTUS, a corporation – Apple included – is a “citizen”, whose equal rights are protected by the 14th Amendment, including presumably, the 13th Amendment right against involuntary servitude.
    FACT: If a corporate citizen, one who has committed no crime, can be forced into involuntary servitude – slavery, that is – can you and I be far behind?


    Perception is reality. Apple was more concerned about itself and its profits.


    And it’s users.

    Most of tech opposed this effort to compel speech.

    And, like I said, Uncle Sam has options and needs to use them.

    Good outcome.

Viewing 4 posts - 31 through 34 (of 34 total)
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