Antonin Scalia found dead

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    Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia found dead in Texas. He was 79.


    Wow. RIP.

    I wonder what direction President Obama will go here?


    Obama may have a challenge here with the Republican majority in the Senate.


    This is a game-changer on many levels.

    darth talon

    Do you hear that sound? That’s the sound of conservatives cry out in fear. As now President Obama gets to nominate a third judge on the Supreme Court.

    Most two term Presidents get to appoint two judges to the Supreme Court. But Obama gets to place a third.


    The question is, can Obama get someone approved by next January? The GOP-led Senate might sit on it.

    If Hillary or Bernie win in November, it will remain status quo (and probably help the Democratic cause, as they won’t have a lame duck president).

    As Chris said, game changer indeed.


    Any way you slice it, this is terrible news for conservatives. But it’s great news for the rest of us. Good riddance.

    And don’t underestimate the weakness of the hand conservatives hold right now. Either Obama nominates someone, or even worse, if they delay the nomonimation (which I expect them to do) they face the reality of Hillary nominating someone with more Dem Senators in the mix.


    O’Connell wants the next president to make the appointment and not Obama although this is Obama’s job and the seat would remain vacant for a year. Then again the new Democratic president could appoint Obama. Watch out what you wish for.


    If the GOP blocks, it might enrage Democrats who were planning to stay home on election day. For spite, Obama should nominate Sen. Al Franken first. 🙂


    Watching the first half hour of the Republican debate tonight I have come to the conclusion this is going to get even uglier. “Fasten your seats belts, it is going to be a bumpy night”. (All About Eve, 1950)


    “O’Connell wants the next president to make the appointment”

    Fucking reptile didn’t even wait for the body to get cold before he made it about politics.

    Fuck him!

    This is the same piece of shit that decided the first priority of the Senate was to make Obama a one term president.
    As opposed to doing the work of the people.


    Amus. I could not agree more! I feel your anger. Me? Same way!!


    This is now GAME ON!

    Do you honestly believe Republicans will confirm ANYBODY Obama nominates?

    Maybe a total right winger, but then Obama would be figuratively “knifing” his own party. Not gonna happen.

    This means our vote counts for both SCOTUS and POTUS!

    Who do you think Trump would pick? (would he even understand who he picked?)

    Who do you think Sanders would pick? (red blooded, rapid progressive! lol, prolly)

    Who do you think Clinton would pick? (social left, corporate friendly)

    Who do you think Cruz would pick? (Hard rightie, corporatist)



    I see TYT did a bit on this.

    They also mention the court is 5-4 conservative. Now it’s 4-4, meaning the POTUS vote also counts as the “direction of the court” vote.

    TYT didn’t discuss Roberts, and they should have. The Bush administration fought hard for Roberts, and Roberts gave us a LOT of lip service to get confirmed, because he’s the gatekeeper.

    Should the court move away from conservative, Roberts can throttle the change by refusing cases. He’s the Chief, and he gets to do that.

    So, this does have a bias. The court could go really fucking, all in, whole hog conservative. No question. That’s on the table, and that’s what Cruz would do. Roberts would have a field day as Chief. Change the nation!

    It can go more liberal, but not whole hog, because Roberts. The nation will change, and he’s not so corrupt and bold as to deny it entirely, but it’s a far more tepid proposition.

    The stakes are higher for the left. They have more to lose here than the right does, but it’s still very significant for all parties.

    GOTV people!



    (maybe biggest of our lives!)


    Here is what I see happening:

    Obama nominates someone who is more centrist. A moderate. He doesn’t throw the Senate a red herring conservative just to get them the seat, but he doesn’t go nearly as far to the left as he did with Kagan and Sotomayor.

    A GOP senator (I don’t remember who right now) said that Obama’s chances of getting any nominees approved before he leaves office at “less than zero percent”. The Republicans have drawn the line in the sand here. If Obama goes with a moderate, and the Senate shoots the nomination down (and all subsequent nominations), the Right is wearing a face full of eggs, and it could well resonate come November.

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