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    Anti-Trump Protests Break Out In Cities Across The Country

    New York, Washington, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, Seattle & Portland.

    This from NPR:


    Yes but they are unfocused and nonviolent. Much ado about nothing imo. What exactly are they protesting? That they lost? Give me a break.

    I am just as disappointed as anyone about Hillary losing but as others have pointed out this is the system that we have and we need to respect it. Trump won fair and square and as awful as that seems the only way to get back is to start planning for 2018 and 2020.


    I think they’re protesting democracy.


    The protests are not going to do a thing. A friend told me that come the first of the year, FEMA will be cut way down, no paid insurance for the workers. A friend that worked for FEMA is moving to Alberta to work there. Add to that Obama care will be gone for 20 million. Fat chance anything good will replace it. Even SNAP Food stamps) may be a thing of the past. The GOP is going to town to destroy any of Obama’s legacy. This does not look good for America.


    Wow! the poor angry snowflakes, all filled with rage and anger. I thought snowflakes were supposed to be natures perfect expression of beauty…

    Like someone told them Santa is not real… Like they’re mom told them they couldn’t have the candy at the checkout line… like they never lost at anything before or never had something not go their way…

    Oh yeah, those things might all be true of today’s millennials!


    I don’t think they are protesting Democracy.

    Protest is an important part of our Democracy. (As long as it remains non-violent.) The instinct by some to denigrate that expression, or fare worse and far more dangerous, suppress it, is an expression of the worst strains of wistful authoritarianism. That way lies ruin.

    I support all forms of nonviolent protest whether I happen to agree with the activists or not. So should you regardless of your political affliction. It’s an American ideal.

    They’re protesting the outcome of an election that has elevated a potentially very dangerous and uniquely unqualified man to the most powerful office in the country.

    While none of the Trump surrogates or supporters have ever shown the slightest inclination in admitting that their political opposition may have a point, the fact remains the majority of American citizens did not vote for him and that many are genuinely fearful.

    You can number me among them. As I mentioned in another thread, I spent a good portion of election night attempting to comfort my wife who was crying inconsolably. Not because her candidate had lost, and not out of any irrational hatred of “Republicans”, but because she’s utterly terrified of a Donald J Trump presidency. I share many of her fears and was not really able to express a lot of it that evening (or yesterday for that matter) as I needed to remain strong, and present a more glass half-full and pragmatic long view on her behalf.

    If you find any of that in any way amusing, to put it kindly, you are not a very nice person on any level.

    If Donald Trump were simply an (actual) Republican I don’t think you’d be seeing or hearing any of this. And that is because he is not a “normal” Republican. He won the presidential election fair and square, and as someone who actually does adhere to the ideals of the U.S. Constitution (as opposed to many of the Trump supporters who seemingly tend to treat that document as sacrosanct only so long as it’s supportive of their own personal viewpoint or supportive of a personally empowering outcome) I’m trying very hard to respect the office if not the man. And, to give him the benefit of the doubt until at such time he proves himself (yet again) unworthy of that respect or consideration.

    Yet, the fact remains he spent his presidential campaign lying incessantly, encouraging violence, making racist, bigoted, and misogynistic statements, engaged in bullying and taunting, displayed an alarming level of narcissism, and doesn’t seem particularly interested in learning about the facts of a number of important subjects before speaking. You’ll note I’m “name calling” or being particularly judgmental about any of this.

    The problem is: He said those things. He did those things. And in the process he’s made a lot people very angry or very fearful. I’m very concerned about the damage he may do to individuals, to institutions, to our economy, and to our national security.

    It’s not solely up to “me”, or “The Democrats” to metaphorically roll over and accept this without comment or action. Donald Trump and the Republican Party would be wise to attempt to allay some of those fears and attempt to build some bridges rather than burn them all down.

    Generally speaking, if he/they show an iota of consideration, accommodation, or compromise, you’ll (right or wrong) find a number of Democrats willing to meet them.

    You and others would be wise to support that for the good of the country, to say nothing of it being the actual right thing to do.


    I did not go to the protest rallies. Nonetheless, my frustrations are specifically that:

    1) This election did not provide better choices for voters (to me, choice implies at least two candidates that meet basic qualifications for the job).

    2) Overall, the voting public was too foolish to see Trump’s gimmicks for what they were. I am embarrassed about that.

    However, I do NOT think that the electoral college system is broken. In some ways, I think that we need the electoral college now more than ever–this is the mechanism that allows people in small states and in low-population states without large cities to have a voice.


    The fact of the matter is nobody gives two shits who you voted for and nobody cares that you’re pissed off that Trump Won fare and square. so go take your prozac or your anti anxiety meds and stop your bitching. Your opinion means nothing to people. You dems sound like whiney little bitches who didn’t get their way.

    Cry me a fucking River, good grief.

    Andy Brown

    dork, learn how to spell you moron.

    fair not “fare.”

    And for your own sake (if you like vending your worthless garbage on this board), start posting like an adult. Oh, that’s right, you aren’t an adult. Have you ever held down a job? Did you graduate from High School? Next to you even bacon comes off as a scholar.


    Bad stuff again tonight…this has got to stop for the city…the true deplorables are making their mark…


    KATU was running live coverage of the demonstrations through the 11 o’clock hour, preempting the normal newscast. It was a bad scene, as the protests turned violent. Cars at Broadway Toyota were damaged. Most had broken windshields, and one had a caved-in roof. Numerous store windows were smashed. Traffic on I-84 and across several bridges was blocked. There was one scene where everything went on its side, making me wonder whether the cameraman was shoved or if the camera fell over. Although KATU tried to refrain from airing objectionable material, numerous “FUCK TRUMP” signs could be seen, and on several occasions, protesters shouted “FUCK TRUMP!”


    Trumpanzees guaranteed a civil war if he was not elected. They did not say what would happen if he won.


    I wonder how many of them actually voted.


    Don’t know, but if more young people DID vote, you’d be out of office. Count your blessings and give to Creflo Dollar!

    Andy Brown

    Clinton has won the popular vote by a wider percentage margin than not only Al Gore in 2000 but also Richard Nixon in 1968 and John F. Kennedy in 1960.

    So apparently plenty of the protesters voted. 55% of millennials voted for Clinton. Millennials voting for a third part candidate rose from 3% to 8% (2012 vs 2016).

    One notion is clearly false and that is this result that elected the President this time around also was a mandate for the Republicans. It isn’t.

    “Republicans won this election on a slender majority. An estimated 44% of American voters didn’t bother going to the polls, and those that did gave a very nearly even split to the candidates. Humility ought to be Republicans’ watchword in crafting policies in this Congress.”

    To my fellow Republicans: Remember that Trump’s victory is not a mandate

    In fact, this vote is a protest against traditional parties and politics. All the middle America votes for trump were really votes against the status quo and nothing, repeat nothing is more ‘status quo’ then the out of touch out of their mind Republicans that think they are now in the cat bird’s seat. I can’t wait to hear their moans when trump starts dealing across the aisle with the Democrats to get some of his legislation passed.

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