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    Andy Brown

    They say there is no justice in politics, but the chasm that exists within the GOP is not getting any smaller.
    The Wall Street Journal reported this morning that:

    Months after Donald Trump appeared to seal the Republican nomination for president, anti-Trump forces are making one last push to force a vote on the party’s convention floor that would throw open the GOP contest again.

    It’s a long shot, but by some counts they are remarkably close to getting past the first hurdle next week in Cleveland.

    Mr. Trump’s intraparty foes, led by a group of rogue delegates, are waging an intense behind-the-scenes effort to push the Republican National Convention’s Rules Committee for a vote on freeing delegates to back whomever they wish, rather than being bound to Mr. Trump.

    The presumptive nominee’s team is fighting back just as vehemently, with an organized campaign of dozens of aides and volunteers. It’s a power struggle that has prompted threats of reprisals and left many Republicans anxious that it could hurt the party’s prospects in November.

    The anti-Trump camp needs the backing of 28, or one-quarter, of 112 Convention Rules Committee members to place the issue before the full convention. A Wall Street Journal survey suggests it could be close.

    In interviews, 20 members said they are willing to consider allowing delegates to be unbound, while 59 support Mr. Trump. The other 33 panelists couldn’t be reached or didn’t respond to repeated messages.

    It’s going to be a fun convention for the stupid party. They head into the post convention general election campaign damaged no matter what they do.


    I don’t think those efforts have much of a chance at succeeding, but it’s going to be a dumpster fire regardless.

    No Romney. No McCain. No Bush Jr. or Senior. A huge list of sitting GOP Senators and House members are staying away. The list of Republicans either angry, fearful, or just abjectly embarrassed by Donald Trump continues to grow.

    The GOP (and really the RNC) are not quite yet in a full blown panic/ready to shift to Senate & House race survival mode, but it’s certainly in the wind.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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