Another KGO shakeup

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    Cumulus hears from listeners, changes mind about Owens. 20-30 other staff cut.


    Wow!!! I never thought I would see this!. Maybe going back to 2011 when they dropped Ray and the rest, there was so much fallout and loss of revenue that they did not want to take another chance. I am glad to read this. I always have said “if” viewers, listeners, or voters do not like something, they can change the outcome. However most of the time, few get involved.


    Cumulus may have put a “we listened to you” spin on it, but the back-story is that Owens had language in his contract that specifically prohibited him from being moved-out of KGO while still under contract.

    Owens’ agent caught that, but neither Owens himself nor Cumulus had noticed it previously.

    So while Cumulus is putting a feel-good spin to it, the reality is that they got caught trying to do something they were prohibited from doing in the first place.


    Yesterday evening, I tuned in to the KGO stunting again, out of morbid curiosity. This time, they had a loop than ran about five minutes with introductions from all of the talkshow hosts. I couldn’t stand to listen to it for long because by then, it had repeated several times.

    I thought that I would give KPNW 1120 a try. This was in the time slot immediately before Coast to Coast AM. I was greeted by programming that I would consider to easily veer into tin foil hat territory.

    A campaign is sorely needed here: LET’S MAKE AM GREAT AGAIN!


    At least KGO is back to talk radio, even though some of the greats like Ray Tellufero (sp) and Dr. Wattenberg are gone.


    My favorite KGO-originated program of all time was The Dr. Dean Edell Show. Unfortunately, at the end, Dr. Edell wasn’t enjoying doing his show anymore.

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