Another fishy cop killing

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    Police in Florida have launched an independent investigation after a plainclothes officer shot dead a well-known local drummer — who police say was armed — while he sat in his car on a highway exit ramp.

    Nouman Raja, an officer with Palm Beach Gardens Police Department, fatally shot 31-year-old Corey Jones off Interstate 95 in the early hours of Sunday, the police department said in a statement.

    Raja initially pulled over in his unmarked police vehicle to investigate what he thought was an abandoned car, but was “suddenly confronted by an armed subject,” the statement said Monday. “As a result of the confrontation, the officer discharged his firearm resulting in the death of the subject, Corey Jones.”

    Put yourself in the position of the guy that was killed. It’s late at night, off on the side of the highway, an unmarked police car, and a plain clothes officer. Anybody here think that maybe, just maybe, the victim thought he was going to be robbed, etc?


    Saw that one.

    I think we need to start by actually repealing a gun control law. Repeal the one that bars the CDC from doing gun death and injury related research.

    We need data.

    Personally, I see the growing tension between police and people as a rapidly growing problem. We’ve changed how police operate in most places. That’s been put here before, see the archives for my own experiences. In a nutshell, we’ve moved from a deescalation type “protect and serve” doctrine to a “escalation of force to compliance” based one, and the difference is profound.

    Us vs them.

    That’s the root of it, IMHO.

    Couple that with an authoritarian trend in government, oligarchs reaching for and beginning to secure real power, and people are just not believing it’s all good for them anymore.

    The cops are on edge. Their risks are going way up, and they aren’t getting resources and training needed to handle it properly. The doctrine change is doing them a lot of harm, and it’s killing us!

    People are on edge for a lot of reasons, but basic needs not being met, despite living in a wealthy, prosperous nation is one core factor. There are others.

    We need data to understand this better. And we need it to establish the why with enough clarity as to be difficult to deny.

    Like so many we are learning about, this death just didn’t need to happen.


    Yeah, damn right. Guy sees someone else pull up, and he shows the gun. In the rough parts of town, that’s expected, like “hey, I don’t need any trouble here, and can dish some out, if I have to…”

    Cop sees it, knee jerks, and shoots.

    Could be just that simple. And the worst part about these deaths is we just won’t know as much as we need to. The dead guy can’t tell us!

    It’s this dilemma that makes the kind of training and the overall policing doctrine so damn important! A well trained, capable policeman could have approached this without incident. Maybe deliver some help, like the last time I got help from a cop on the side of the road.

    Yes, that still happens sometimes. Of course, I’m the ordinary white guy too. My black son has very different experiences.

    We’ve lost trust, and that trust is gone, because we put compliance rooted in authoritarianism, as a priority over safety.

    As the priority change plays out, trust erodes, and we get this shit.

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